DreamFactory Joins WebEx Connect Developer Network to Build Blended Desktop Applications for WebEx Connect Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO, April 16 - Web 2.0 Expo - DreamFactory and WebEx (NASDAQ:WEBX), the leading provider of on-demand applications for collaborative business, today announced that DreamFactory has joined the WebEx Connect Developer Network to make the DreamFactory Business Suite and Developer Portal available via WebEx Connect.

WebEx Connect, the first collaborative on-demand platform, will enable developers and customers to integrate multiple applications to create powerful collaborative business "mashup" solutions from best-of-breed web-based, on-premises and desktop applications. DreamFactory accelerates adoption of WebEx Connect by providing the next generation of development tools and internet applications built native to the WebEx Connect platform.

The DreamFactory Business Suite is an integrated collection of productivity applications spanning Project Management, Document Management, Team Calendaring, Meeting Automation, and Rich Reporting/BI. The DreamFactory Developer Portal is a virtual development space allowing developers to rapidly design, share, test and publish web applications without ever leaving the browser.

"WebEx redefines the concept of business applications by incorporating presence and real time collaboration into the fabric of applications. Our agenda with the platform is twofold 1) help foster a community of developers building rich apps on WebEx Connect using our integrated tools and 2) publish our new breed of super apps taking full advantage of the native collaborative capabilities the platform offers," said Eric Rubin, president, DreamFactory Inc.

DreamFactory is one of the many applications users will be able to access through the WebEx Connect Marketplace of applications. WebEx Connect will enable users to integrate data from multiple applications into collaborative workspaces, custom designed for their particular workflows and business processes. Unlike traditional transactional applications, WebEx Connect is designed to improve productivity by enhancing collaboration and interaction between individuals. By leveraging open Web 2.0 protocols and collaborative WebEx applications programming interfaces (APIs), WebEx Connect will make it easy to adapt on-demand, desktop and enterprise applications to create composite, "mashup" applications.

"DreamFactory is a pioneer in providing the next generation of development tools and advanced internet applications that helps organizations of all sizes automate processes, increase productivity, and make better decisions," said Shankar Iyer, vice president, WebEx Connect ecosystem. "Their participation in WebEx Connect is exciting as it provides the best of both worlds: for our customers, instant availability to a mature application suite, and for developers, free access to DreamFactory's on-demand development environment."

The WebEx Connect Developer Network provides the tools, training, resources and community that developers need to build and market applications for WebEx Connect. Developers can access WebEx Connect documentation, APIs, a "sandbox" development platform and join the partner program to access a beta WebEx Connect client. WebEx Connect partner marketing services can help developers generate go-to-market strategies and leads for the applications on the WebEx Connect Marketplace. To learn more about the WebEx Connect Developer Network program, go to, http://community.webex.com/connect.

About DreamFactory

DreamFactory delivers blended internet applications that combine the agility of on-demand delivery with the custom fit of traditional enterprise software. These highly functional solutions are quick to deploy, inexpensive to maintain, and continuously improving through customer driven innovation. DreamFactory's suite of applications include DreamTeam, a project management solution; OrgView, which rapidly builds, views, and drills down on highly graphical organization charts; SnapShot, a release management and compliance application; Carousel for rich reporting, dashboards and meeting automation; and FormFactory for rich active business forms. DreamFactory also provides a development platform to allow organizations to rapidly develop their own customizable on-demand solutions. With over 1,000 users, DreamFactory headquarters are in Mountain View, CA. For more information, call 1-888-399-DREAM (3732) or visit http://www.dreamfactory.com/.

About WebEx

With 2.2 million registered users, WebEx is the global leader in on-demand applications for collaborative business on the web. These applications enhance high-touch business processes, such as sales and training, with efficient web-touch interactions. As an on-demand provider, WebEx is able to facilitate both internal and external collaboration. WebEx delivers its range of applications over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for the secure delivery of on-demand applications. WebEx applications support multipoint videoconferencing, web conferencing and application remote control. WebEx is based in Santa Clara, California and has regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and Australia. Please call toll free 877-509-3239 or visit www.webex.com/ for more information.

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