DP Transmitters withstand high line pressure applications.

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Designed for applications in filtration, flow, and level measurement, ruggedized differential pressure (DP) transmitters come in piston and diaphragm sensor models rated for up to 5,000 psig line pressures. Products transform DP measurement into voltage (0–5 V, 3- or 4-wire) or current (4–20 mA, 2-wire, loop-powered) and feature pressure bodies made from solid blocks of stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or PVC. Respectively, standard and miniature models maintain 2% and 5% FS accuracy.

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Differential Pressure Transmitters Designed for High Line Pressure Applications

MILFORD, CT – Rugged differential pressure transmitters from Orange Research are designed for high line pressure applications in filtration, flow, and level measurement. The transmitters are available in piston and diaphragm sensor models rated at up to 5,000 psig line pressures with prices starting below $100.

The transmitters transform differential pressure (DP) measurement into voltage (0-5 V, 3 or 4 wire) or current (4-20 mA, 2 wire loop-powered). The user simply selects the desired configuration.

With pressure bodies made from solid blocks of stainless steel, brass, aluminum or PVC and rugged, proprietary sensors, these transmitters withstand severe environments and high line pressures while maintaining 2% full-scale accuracy (for standard-size DP models) and 5% (for miniature DP models).

The transmitters meet a variety of requirements, from NEMA-4X to Class 1, Div. 1 or Div. 2, IP65, CSA, and many more.

The DP transmitters are also available with optional dials for local readout. Dial diameters from 1 in. to 6 in. are available with many dial options to customize the local readout of the device.

The accompanying photo shows our Model 1002PT miniature piston transmitter (top left) -- DP range of 0-4 to 0-75 psid, 3,000 psig line max; Model 1020DT miniature diaphragm transmitter (top right) -- 0-25 in. H2O to 0-10 psid, 1,000 psig line max; and Model 1203PT piston transmitter (bottom) -- 0-5 to 0-150 psid, 3,000 psig line max. Other piston and diaphragm sensor transmitter models are available to meet specific line pressure and DP range requirements.

Orange Research offers a large selection of low-cost, rugged and proven differential pressure and flow designs. Built to last, these products are known for long life and reliable service under the harshest conditions. Our products are used in hydraulics, petroleum production and refining, chemical processing, cryogenic storage and transport, semiconductor fabrication, water treatment and a variety of other industrial applications worldwide.

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