Dozer provides up to 350 hp.

Press Release Summary:

Model TD-25H offers modular power train, 1-piece welded steel main frame, and hexagonal cab. Its individual final drive modules have outboard planetaries that can be removed as assemblies. Bolt-on, 8-piece sprocket distributes wear evenly over track bushings, while forward mounted pivot shafts allows for vertical movement of track frames and absorbs working and shock loads from dozer push arms.

Original Press Release:

Dressta TD-25H - The New 300-350 Horsepower Dozer

(Buffalo Grove - August 22, 2002 )
Dressta North America recently introduced the 300-350 horsepower class Dressta TD-25H dozer featuring improved levels of serviceability, reliability, comfort and operator control.

"With the addition of the Dressta TD-25H, the design evolution begun with the TD-25E and TD-25G dozers has now been completed," said Bernie Winker, manager of marketing and engineering services for Dressta North America.

With its modular power train, forward mounted pivot shafts and individual final drive modules, the Dressta TD-25H brings the entire six dozer Dressta line above 125 HP into one consistent design concept.

The modular drive train enables easy and efficient removal and replacement of major components including the engine, torque converter, powershift transmission, steering drive and final drives with a minimum of disturbance to other major components.

The Dressta TD-25H features double reduction final drive modules with outboard planetaries that can be removed as assemblies. An eight-piece bolt-on sprocket distributes wear evenly over the track bushings, which allows each tooth to ride free 50 percent of the time to reduce wear. The sprocket segments can be replaced without removing the track frames for easier maintenance.

A high strength pivot shaft located forward of each final drive allows for the vertical movement of the track frames and absorbs the working and shock loads from the dozer push arms and ground induced track frame loads.

The one-piece welded steel main frame provides rigid support for the engine, drive train and undercarriage.

A new hexagonal cab offers an improved operator environment by providing greater comfort, better ergonomics, better visibility and much improved heating, air conditioning and pressurization. The new deluxe seat assembly can be angled 15 degrees to the right for better control and greater comfort while using rear-mounted equipment.

Other major enhancements include:

o Increased operating weight to 89,300 lbs. including the ripper and blade, 4,600 lbs. more than the TD-25G

o Powerful Cummins engine - turbo-charged and after-cooled

o Improved track frames with larger box section rails and dual recoil springs

The Dressta TD-25H offers a number of other enhancements over the previous TD-25G. It has improved instrumentation, including a new fuel gauge. Noise levels are lower. Batteries have been relocated to the left-hand fender for better access. The muffler is now located under the hood, giving the operator better visibility while protecting the muffler. The equalizer bar brackets feature a new elastomeric isolation design for improved suspension. A redesigned sprocket rock guard provides improved track protection. There's greater ripper tooth penetration. The lift cylinders are longer and they've been relocated forward.

These and other improvements provide the Dressta TD-25H customer with excellent productivity, reliability and exceptional value.

Dressta North America, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL, markets the Dressta Crawler Dozer, Wheel Loader and Crawler Loader lines of construction equipment. The company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Dressta Company, Ltd.

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