Downdraft Tables feature built-in overhead lighting.

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Downdraft Tables, with overhead lighting, have light-reflective back and side panels to brighten interior work area. They draw contaminated air away from worker's breathing zone as they perform grinding, sanding, buffing, or polishing. All-steel industrial grade units have steel-bar grating work surface. Recommended air volumes range from 150-250 cfm/sq ft of table surface area.

Original Press Release:

Illuminated Downdraft Tables Protect Workers from Dust and Contaminants

Aget Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of DUSTKOP dust collection systems, offers a new series of downdraft table style work stations, featuring built-in overhead lighting, and light reflective back and side panels to brighten the interior work area.

Similiar to Aget's original downdraft table and bench models, ihe new units are designed to draw contaminated air away from the worker's breathing zone as they perform tasks such as grinding, sanding, buffing, or polishing. The booth-type enclosures greatly improve containment and capture of contaminants, and the interior lighting provides good visibility for the operations within. A wide variety of sizes ranging from single, double, or more hoppers are available, depending on length; Aget uses a modular design for triple or more work stations.

Contruction is heavy-duty all-steel industrial grade, with a work surface of tough steel bar grating. Recommended air volumes typically range from 150 to 250 CFM per square foot of table surface area, and the size and style selection of DUSTKOP collection equipment is based upon the needs of the individual application.

Aget downdraft tables are an efficient, economical way to protect workers from either hazardous or nuisance dust, generated by many metalworking and woodworking processes. Options include PVC surface matting, clean-out doors in the hopper elbows, side shields or enclosures, and lighting. Agel: Manufacturing Company, 1408 E. Church Street, Adrian, MI. 1-800-832-2438

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