Downdraft Table collects dust, smoke, and fumes.

Press Release Summary:

DT-3000 version 2 has work surface area of 3 1/2 x 5 ft. It is completely self-contained with motor-blower, cartridge filters, and self-cleaning system for collected dust. Ergonomic design allows operator to get close to table, while 3 hp blower provides quiet operation. Options include back and side shields with integrated work light, fiberglass or PVC-coated grates, and HEPA after filters.

Original Press Release:

New Downdraft Table for Grinding - Sanding - Cutting - Welding

Airflow Systems, Inc. has introduced a new, heavy duty, second generation downdraft table that collects dust, smoke and fumes from industrial operations, including metal working, wood/plastics, composites, or other dust producing applications

The DT-3000 version 2 has a work surface area of 3-1/2' x 5'. The unit is completely self-contained, with motor-blower, high efficiency cartridge filters, and includes a self cleaning system for the collected dust. This new design can be placed flat against a wall, or even in a corner, to allow more flexibility in use of floor space.

It features an ergonomic design which allows the operator to get close to the table, and sets the standard for quiet operation with it's specially designed energy saving 3HP blower.

Available options include: back and side shields with integrated work light, fiberglass or PVC coated grates, HEPA after filters.

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