Dow Introduces DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 Heat Transfer Fluid for Use in Geothermal Heat Pump Applications

MIDLAND, MICH. - Dow Polyglycols, Surfactants and Fluids (PS&F), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, today announced the introduction of DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 heat transfer fluid. DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 is a ready-to-use, inhibited propylene glycol-based fluid specially formulated for geothermal heat pump systems. Nicole Gorsuch, NAA Marketing Manager for Low Temperature Thermal Fluids, said the new geothermal fluid complements Dow's existing line of heat transfer fluids for water-based HVAC systems and was developed specifically to help meet the needs of geothermal heat pump systems.

According to Gorsuch, DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 is formulated with 20 percent propylene glycol by volume to provide excellent heat transfer efficiency in geothermal service. "The concentration level is important as it results in a relatively low fluid viscosity that enhances pumpability while minimizing energy use. DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 also contains specially designed corrosion inhibitors that satisfy ASTM D1384 requirements, protecting equipment from damage or failure when used at full strength."

Gorsuch also noted that DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 has a low order of toxicity and is readily biodegradable. She noted these are important attributes any time a heat transfer fluid is used in or near a residential structure, in proximity to people, pets or drinking water supplies, and where wildlife and the natural environment could be exposed to or contaminated by fluid leaks or spills.

"Safety is a foremost consideration in the design and installation of geothermal systems," Gorsuch continued. "DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 does not have a measurable flash point, which means the fluid is not listed or characterized as being hazardous material subject to RCRA regulations. This makes it a safe alternative to methanol and ethanol, which are both used at times in geothermal systems, but has a lower flash point and is a listed material."

Gorsuch concluded: "Fluid requirements continue to become more specialized in the HVAC industry and DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 is an example of ongoing Dow innovation in the development of new fluid products that meet specific application needs. We recognized that existing fluid options for geothermal heat pumps required the installer and the user to compromise on performance, system protection, and potentially even on safety and environmental responsibility. DOWFROST(TM) GEO 20 was developed to eliminate those compromises and offer a solution that is optimized for geothermal heat pump systems."

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