Dow Corning Water Repellent Emulsions Protect Brick, Stone and Mortar from Deterioration

Midland, Mich. - April 18, 2006 - Dow Corning® IE-6683 and Dow Corning® 520 Water Repellent Emulsions protect porous construction materials, such as bricks, mortar, grout, stone, and aerated, autoclaved and light weight concrete blocks, from water damage.

Both products offer a 40 percent active, water-dilutable silicone emulsion that decreases water absorption in substrates to reduce cracking, spalling and surface erosion caused by freeze-thaw and mineral efflorescence. Dow Corning IE-6683 and 520 emulsions demonstrate extremely high durability against long-term exposure to moisture while permitting vapor permeability for use where breathable materials are required. They provide material protection without changing the original aesthetic appearance of applied substrates. IE-6683 emulsion produces high beading of water on most treated surfaces.

Dow Corning IE-6683 and 520 emulsions are low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulas, with less than 200 and 300 g/L respectively. Dow Corning IE-6683 can be used as supplied, diluted in water, incorporated into building materials or used as an ingredient in the formulation of water-repellent, water-based primers, paints and coatings. An active silane/siloxane emulsion, Dow Corning 520 is primarily an aftermarket application that can be diluted or used as supplied in the formulation of water repellent products.

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