Double-Sided Tapes suit flexographic printing industry.

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Steelmaster 52015 is 15 mil Softprint platemounting tape for printing labels and tags that require solid and spot color imaging. Adhesive system rests on closed-cell foam backing, which allows tape to resist foam fatigue. Type 52017 is also 15 mil Softprint platemounting tape, but with slightly softer foam backing, making it suitable for process printing applications.

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Tesa Tape, Inc. Introduces Two New Tapes for Flexo Printing

CHARLOTTE, NC - September 1, 2002 - tesa tape, inc., a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, announces the debut of two new products to its line of double-sided tapes for the flexographic printing industry. These additions give the company a complete line of tapes for solid, process, and combination printing applications.

Successful flexographic printing is largely based upon using the right platemounting tape for the print job. With the introduction of tesa 52015 and tesa 52017, tesa now offers a gamut of tapes for process printing, solid printing, or any combination of the two.

tesa 52015 Steelmaster is a 15-mil Softprint platemounting tape designed specifically for printing high-quality labels and tags that require solid and spot color imaging. The advanced adhesive system rests on a sturdy, unique-designed closed-cell foam backing. This backing technology allows the tape to resist foam
fatigue, a common problem often found in long-length print runs.

tesa 52017, also a 15-mil Softprint platemounting tape, offers much the same technology as tesa 52015 except for the foam backing which is slighter softer, making it the product of choice for process printing applications. This product is also well suited for label printing.

tesa 52015 and 52017 join an expansive line of platemounting tapes that range from 15 to 60 mils in thickness; simply choose the right tape for the given application. Additionally, tesa offers several complementary products for printing applications, including the revolutionary "Printer's Friend" tapes - tesa 4563 and tesa 4863. Based on tiny gripping dimples, these two products can ensure an even distribution of the printing substrate during the entire printing job, no matter how long it may be!

Run with tesa for all your flexographic printing applications!

tesa tape, inc. manufactures and markets pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for a variety of industrial applications. Product lines include: double-sided tapes, masking tapes, packaging tapes, and other commonly used tapes (such as duct and cellophane). tesa has its regional North American headquarters
in Charlotte, NC, with manufacturing facilities in Middletown, NY; Sparta, MI; and numerous other plants around the world. tesa.offering tape solutions beyond the roll!

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