Double Arm Sigma Blade Extruder Mixers

Jaygo's innovative Extruder Mixer is designed to handle difficult to discharge products such as hot melts and butyl sealants, as well as other medium to high viscosity pastes. This type of mixer combines the action of the Double Arm Sigma Blade Mixer with an extrusion screw placed in the lower part of the mix trough. During mixing, the extrusion screw is run in reverse which imparts a third mixing action on the product, increasing mixing efficiency.

When the product has finished the mixing cycle, discharge/extrusion is performed simply by running the extrusion screw in a forward direction. The Double Arm Sigma Blades normally continue to run throughout the extrusion process providing a thoroughly mixed product at all stages of the production cycle. By changing the extrusion die heads, the product can be discharged in round, square, "spaghetti", or any form desired. Speed variation of the extrusion screw allows adjustment of the product flow, depending on the viscosity. As an option, a die cutter can be installed outside the die head. This bevel-faced cutter provides transverse cutting and can be pneumatically driven.

Features: Automatic control of blade speed based on product viscosity; Capability to pass from mix phase to extrusion phase without interruption; Lateral discharge of product through the extrusion screw without operator interaction; Shape of extruded material is adaptable to customer's requirements; Provides cycle automation; loading, mixing, and extrusion; Temperature control available for handling heat treated products; Enclosed mixing and discharge provides protection from product contamination and greater operator safety; Vacuum and/or pressure designs and Safety grating mounted between cover and trough.

Laboratory Extruder Mixers are available in sizes ranging from 1/4 gallon to 3 gallon working capacity. Variable speed drive on the blades and extrusion screw are standard. Stainless steel construction standard, jacketed is standard.

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