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Dosing Equipment is designed for oils and lubricants.

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Jun 27, 2007 - Featuring tough construction, electronically controlled liquid dosing unit is suited for manufacturing industries within industrial and engineering sectors. Control software enables operators to program up to 16 fixed volumes, eliminating risk of erroneous dosing. Securely encapsulated product is available in 2 versions, one where buttons are fitted directly to housing and other with remote set of buttons connected by means of lead.

Alentec & Orion AB - Saltsjö-Boo, SWE

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Equipment for Dosing Oil, Lubricant and Liquid

Press release date: Jun 14, 2007

Fills correct liquid and quantity automatically

New electronically controlled dosing equipment for filling oil, lubricant and similar liquids for industrial and engineering applications is being launched by Alentec & Orion. Tough, user-friendly construction with several preselect options are some of the advantages.

The new Alentec & Orion liquid dosing unit provides several new functions suited to manufacturing industries within the industrial and engineering sectors. The dosing unit is a securely encapsuled and tough construction in which the control mechanism and electronics are remote from the dispense nozzle. Entirely new, company developed control software allows operators to program up to 16 fixed volumes, thereby simplifying the handling of equipment and allowing work to progress faster without risk of erroneous dosing. Programming is effected via four buttons mounted directly on the housing.

"The equipment increases the quality of work performed while improving production economy," explains Lennart Bergh, export manager at Alentec & Orion. "Investment payback time is short. The construction is tough and durable owing to all sensitive electronics being fitted to a wall with only the manual valve being exposed to mechanical wear. A design that gives the unit a very long working life."

The capacity to preset 16 dosage volumes covers a large proportion of production needs within the engineering and industrial sectors.

"You choose the program to be run via the buttons on the housing. Exactly the right amount of liquid is then filled automatically," continues Lennart Bergh. "The risk of filling an incorrect quantity or liquid is minimal, and work can proceed far quicker thanks to the presetting system. Conditions improve markedly, for both operators and companies."

Alentec & Orion have developed two versions of the dosing equipment, one where the buttons are fitted directly to the housing and the other with a remote set of buttons connected up by means of a lead.

"The equipment is efficient and has already been adopted for the production plant run by several of our customers, including a number of international automobile manufacturers and engineering companies.

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