Doorknob incorporates fingerprint recognition technology.

Press Release Summary:

BioKnob(TM) allows only users whose fingerprints have been programmed into lock's self-contained memory to turn knob and open door. It stores up to 100 sets of fingerprints, and all programming functions are accomplished directly on device. Fingerprint patterns are transformed by embedded software into template representing fingerprint, which is stored for future verification. Device runs on Li-Ion battery that recharges via AC adapter in 3 hr.

Original Press Release:

Fingerprint-Activated Door Knob Introduced by Tychi Systems

(Salem, NH) Tychi Systems, Inc., introduced BioKnob(TM), the world's first doorknob incorporating fingerprint recognition technology. Only users whose fingerprints have been programmed into the lock's self-contained memory can turn the knob and open the door. It stores up to 100 sets of fingerprints, and all programming functions are accomplished directly at the BioKnob without need for external computers or wires.

Biometrics, the science of using an individual human's characteristic for verification of identity is the ultimate method for absolute security, and is increasingly used at high security facilities and institutions. Said Sheng B. Deng, president of Tychi Systems, "We saw ways to streamline biometric technologies aimed at big government agencies and corporations for consumers. It wasn't easy to do, but after two and half years, we are ready with a first product we are really proud of. Now home owners can benefit from biometrics, and at reasonable cost.¨

What are the benefits? Families no longer need to carry keys, and therefore cannot lose them. No stranger can find a lost or hidden key to access a home. Burglars cannot pick the lock for entry. Guests or visitors whose fingerprints are programmed for temporary access can be individually erased from memory after their stay.

The tiny BioKnob sensor reads fingerprint patterns when a thumb (or other finger) is brushed across it. The pattern is transformed by embedded software into a template representing the fingerprint, which is then stored for future verification. There are no actual pictures of fingerprints recorded, so there is no danger anyone can replicate fingerprints from the data.

The BioKnob runs on Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries so no external wires need to be installed in the door or through the hinges. A warning signal tells the user when to recharge the batteries, which is done by plugging in an AC adapter for about three hours.

Tychi Systems designed and developed the BioKnob at their headquarters in the suburbs of Boston, Salem, New Hampshire. It is the only known company in the U.S. dedicated solely to the development of biometric locks. It is a New Hampshire corporation privately held by its founders, all of whom were educated and worked in the Boston area.

For further information, contact the company at 50A Northwestern Dr., Salem, NH 03079, Phone: 603-898-9244, Fax: 603-898-9246,,

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