Door Prop Alarm offers alarm and access control outputs.

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Series 7200 provides local audible alarm and output for remote alarm that sounds if door is not closed within specified 5 sec to 90 min time period or has been forced open. Alarm device provides alerts in conjunction with stand-alone or computerized access control systems with one or hundreds of doors. Model 7286-PT features LEDs for indication of door status and mirrored door switch output that also controls power to electric locking device.

Original Press Release:

Dortronics Door Prop Alarm Requires Fewer Inputs With More Alarm & Access Control Outputs

Dallas, TX (September 27, 2004) - Dortronics Systems, Inc. is displaying its 7200 Series Door Prop Alarm here at ASIS 2004. The device provides a local audible alarm and an output for a remote alarm, if a door is not closed within a specified time period or has been forced open. This alarm device is offered in several configurations to provide alerts in conjunction with simple stand-alone access control or complex computerized access control systems.

"Dortronics 7200 Series Door Prop Alarm offers system installers a high degree of versatility for integration into virtually any level access control system from single door applications to several hundred doors," said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. "The advanced capabilities of this product provide security professionals with a simple yet highly effective means of fortifying facility security."

A mirrored door switch output is provided on the 7286-PT Door Prop Alarm for use with a card access system. This can eliminate the need for additional door switch contacts. In addition, the 7286-PT also controls power to the electric locking device, saving extra relay outputs on the access control system for control of other devices.

The 7286-PT Series is also supplied with LEDs for indication of Door Secured, Authorized Unlock, Door Open and Door Held Open. This device is easily interfaced with the Dortronics 7600 Series Annunciator/Controllers without the need of additional relays or complex computer programming of the card access system.

An authorized request for access signal from the card access control prompts the 7286-PT Door Prop alarm to unlock the door. Opening the door activates the adjustable built-in timer which controls the allowed door held open time delay.

After the allotted door open time - which can be preset from 5 seconds to 90 minutes has expired - a local warning period begins when an alarm condition is triggered. On expiration of this time period the warning sequence begins by activating the local sounder to alert the person to close the door and also begins the adjustable "warning" time delay. If the door has not been re-secured at the expiration of the warning time, the "alarm" sequence starts and activates the local "alarm" sounder and the remote alarm output to an access control system or Dortronics' 7600 Annunciator/Controller, if present.

The alarm can be reset automatically or manually by key switch, a card access system, or Dortronics' 7600 Series Annunciator/Controller. In the automatic reset mode, the alarm will be silenced by simply re-securing the door, or upon expiration of the "reset" time delay. In addition to the optional reset key switch, a push button with momentary switch contacts are available to provide an R-E-X signal to an access control system.

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