Door Option enables emergency escape.

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Available on most DYNACO doors, Emergency Egress Option meets requirements of NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes and OSHA Standard 1910.36. It has no levers, latches, or handles to pull or buttons to push. Door is side hinged and opens in direction of egress, with no upward or horizontal sliding action that can potentially fail. Requiring minimal amount of force to open, Egress Door Option is suited for any environment where potential emergency escape is required.

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The DYNACO Egress Option

Northbrook, IL... DYNACO, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance, roll up doors has announced the introduction of a new door option that enhances its line of high performance doors from the door safety point of view. It is called the DYNACO Egress Door, and it is an option on most M-Series and SlimLine DYNACO doors designed for interior applications.

At DYNACO, safety is no accident!
Regardless of the application or industry, safety considerations are paramount in selecting a high performance door system. DYNACO is the leader in door safety and design, and brings you the total package where other doors can fall short.

Introducing the DYNACO Emergency Egress option!
Available on most DYNACO doors, the Emergency Egress Option is designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes and OSHA Standard 1910.36.

Critical features of the unique and patented system include:

1) The user does not require special training, tools or prior knowledge to use the door. No levers, latches or handles to locate and pull or buttons to find and push. In a true emergency, even trained personnel may panic and forget a special knowledge procedure.
2) The door is side hinged and opens in the direction of egress. No upward or horizontal sliding action with potential for failure or reliance on complicated and maintenance reliant counterweight and pulley systems. Plus, there are no thresholds or trip hazards to impede human movement.
3) The door requires a minimal amount of force to open. Even small children can exit the door.

The Egress Door Option is designed for any environments where potential emergency escape is required for employee or customer safety. In addition to safety, the door offers many other distinct advantages.

For instance, in retail store environments, pest, dirt and temperature control are concerns between retail and storage areas. A typical solution was to install low performance impact or "bump" doors. The bump doors permit egress but are prone to damage and offer little protection against infiltration. Additionally, the impact doors offered no "perceived" security or method for alarm systems. The DYNACO egress option provides far greater environment control as well as the ability to withstand abuse. Also, the door provides perceived security and a positive method of connection to store alarm systems.

A second scenario may be in a production area where employees are working in a backroom separated by a high performance door and there is a power outage or emergency. The door ceases to function, but with the breakaway egress feature, all they have to do is push through with their hands, and immediate escape to a safe zone is provided. No additional doors resulting in lost wall space are required.

And putting the T-shaped zipper opening back together is as simple as zipping a jacket. So, once the situation is under control, you are immediately back in business.

The Egress option is available on many of our M series and Slimline series doors, and can be applied in indoor situations.

With DYNACO high performance doors in your operation, safety is no accident!

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