Don't Sweat Extreme Temperatures

20-1650 Silicone Potting and Encapsulating Compound Can Withstand the Heat

CRANSTON, RI USA — 20-1650, by Epoxies, Etc., is a two component silicone elastomer designed specifically for applications where a large amount of heat is emitted such as in oil drilling or high voltage assemblies.  Even for a silicone, which can operate under fairly high temperatures, 20-1650 outperforms.  It operates in environments from -65°C to +300°C (or up to 572° F). 

20-1650 has been specially formulated for increased thermal stability.  It is very soft and flexible and moves with components, rather than cracking or shrinking under stress.  This makes 20-1650 perfect for potting or encapsulating delicate components. 

Other benefits to using this material include its easy 1:1 mix ratio, its relatively quick and air-free cure, and its ability to cure in deep sections (beyond 1-2 inches).

In a world increasingly concerned with the reduction of toxic chemicals and the expense of shipping them, 20-1650 has the advantage of being solvent free so it is safer to handle than many potting systems and is non-regulated for shipping. 


• Unusually high operating temperature range

• Flexibility offers great vibration resistance

• Cures in thick sections

• Non-corrosive

• Good air release

• Easy 1:1 mix ratio

• Low in toxicity

• Not hazardous to ship

Samples are available and may be requested by visiting the following link:

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