Document Creation Platform offers AFP(TM) capabilities.

Press Release Summary:

Thunderhead Document Generation Platform integrates Advanced Function Printing (AFP) capabilities for high-volume business output. It can transform XML data into AFP output for viewing, archiving, further transformation, or printing. Software offers full composition support, including fonts, rules, and complex layouts; black and white, full color, and RGB specification support for images and text; and print stream post-processing with NOOP or TLEs.

Original Press Release:

Thunderhead Adds AFP(TM) Capabilities to Market Leading Document Generation Platform

LONDON, January 12/ -- Thunderhead, the leading provider of document generation technology, today announced the inclusion of Advanced Function Printing (AFP) capabilities in the Thunderhead Document Generation Platform.

AFP is the de facto standard solution for mission critical, high volume business output in many large enterprises. For customers requiring this delivery channel Thunderhead's AFP capability transforms XML data into AFP output for viewing, archiving, further transformation, or printing.

Thunderhead's AFP capability comprises:

- Full composition support including fonts, rules, and complex layouts

- Black & white, full color and RGB specification support for images and text

- Support archiving (e.g. IBM OnDemand) and print stream post-processing (e.g. Streamweaver) with NOOP or TLE's

- Custom Fonts

- FORMDEFs and Page Segments (PSEGs)

- IOB (Include Object) support

"Our support for AFP extends Thunderhead's reach into the high-volume enterprise environment, where AFP is most prevalent," commented Martin Davey, CTO. "With the addition of AFP capabilities the Thunderhead Document Generation Platform now supports all of the mainstream Print Definition Language (PDL) output formats, including Postscript, PDF, HTML and XML output for multi-channel delivery of personalized content."

About Thunderhead

Thunderhead is the leader in the Document Generation industry, and is focused on the development of next-generation solutions that automate the creation and assembly of multi-channel business documents. Thunderhead's leadership position is built on two key propositions: Business User Control and a commitment to Open Standards, and is supported by a number of patented innovations. The Thunderhead platform automates the production of personalized or transaction-specific business documents that may be delivered by any number of different media channels (e.g. printed documents, fax, email, SMS). Thunderhead numbers some of the world's leading financial services organizations as customers, and services its fast expanding customer base from offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

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