Document Capture Platform incorporates drop and packet feeding.

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Model DS2200 features edge-aligned auto feed and can capture standard documents as well as receipts, small forms and business cards, and thin and damaged documents in same batch. With CertainScan Capture Software, unit is capable of real-time in-line document identification and recognition and can identify page types and outsort envelopes, checks, or patch code sheets. It also performs barcode recognition, OCR, optical mark-sense recognition, and magnetic ink character recognition.

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OPEX Releases New Mixed Document Capture Platform

MOORESTOWN, N.J. - OPEX Corporation today announced the release of its newest mixed document capture platform, the DS2200. Equipped with a state-of-the-art document feeder, the DS2200 offers OPEX's unique drop feed and packet feed technologies along with an edge-aligned auto feed capability in a single platform, thereby providing users maximum flexibility to handle virtually any document scanning task, while practically eliminating costly prep and rescans.

The DS2200 allows for the efficient processing of so-called "messy" documents - non-standard items including receipts, small forms and business cards, thin and damaged documents, odd sizes, etc. - in the same batch and at the same time as the uniform, "clean" documents typically associated with traditional high-speed scanners. This results in significantly less document handling and preparation time per batch and insures that the user's overall hourly production rates (and costs) are the best in the industry.

"OPEX introduced a revolution in scanning back in 2003 with our unique 'drop feed' technology. It proved to be a more efficient way to capture images of real world documents because it greatly reduces, and in many cases eliminates, the 'doc prep' steps that add no value to the overall process", said Mark Stevens, President and CEO of OPEX. "With the DS2200 we now extend this revolution beyond our traditional markets of out-of-envelope remittance and payment processing to the out-of-folder document capture world, including medical records, backfile conversions, and service bureau scanning. With the DS2200, we can save you money in your image capture operation and provide an excellent return on your investment."

The DS2200 provides scanning excellence and unique features at an exceptional value. Featuring OPEX's industry leading CertainScan Capture Software for real-time in-line document identification and recognition, the DS2200 can identify page types and outsort envelopes, checks or patch code sheets while providing unparalleled transaction integrity and real-time quality control.

The DS2200 also allows you to scan multi-stream, perform in-line recognition of barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark-sense recognition (OMR) and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR). When CertainScan is equipped with optional Kofax VRS technology, a variety of additional optimizations can be performed in-line including content-based rotation, background smoothing, and more.

Other notable features include fast quad-core PC controller and software-based envelope detection, and an optional integrated workstation which offers a new level of operator ergonomics, comfort, and productivity.

The DS2200 made its public debut today at AIIM's info360 Conference & Expo, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

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