Dock Levelers minimize worker exposure to jolts.

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Series RHH, RHA, and RHM are hydraulic, air-powered, and mechanical loading dock levelers that address risk of back injuries by minimizing jolts to lift truck drivers crossing leveler platform and warehouse floor. Rear hinge create smooth transition, while 2-point crown control provides seamless crossing from leveler to truck bed. All models have SAFE-T-STRUT maintenance support strut for safe pit access during maintenance, and meet or exceed ANSI MH30.1 standards.

Original Press Release:

New Rite-Hite Smooth-Transition Dock Leveler Series Creates Safer, More Productive Lift Truck Travel at the Dock

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (April 21, 2005) - New smooth-transition hydraulic, air-powered and mechanical loading dock levelers from Rite-Hite Corporation address the risk of back injuries by reducing jolts to lift truck drivers crossing the leveler platform and warehouse floor. In addition, the new levelers are engineered to deliver improved productivity and lower lifetime ownership costs.

A specially designed rear hinge found on the levelers creates a smooth transition between the leveler and the warehouse floor, while a two-point crown control provides a seamless crossing from the leveler to the truck bed. These design innovations help reduce exposure to whole-body shocks and vibration, which can cause or accelerate back injuries.

"Back injuries are a major safety issue in a wide range of industries today," said Joe Manone, Rite-Hite Corporation vice president of marketing. "At Rite-Hite, we decided to address the issue at the dock by developing a new line of levelers that make the transition between the leveler platforms and the trailers smoother than it's ever been. Our new line significantly reduces the pounding that both the lift truck driver and equipment typically experience when transferring materials in and out of trailers, which leads to a safer and more productive dock environment."

The series includes RHH hydraulic levelers, which come standard with environmentally friendly, biodegradable hydraulic fluid that outperforms traditional industrial-grade fluids. The levelers' standard safety features include an automatic SAFE-T-LIP® barrier to protect against forklift drop-off from vacant docks; automatic recycle to floor level for safe cross traffic; and, an advanced hydraulic system for full-range leveler float and automatic free-fall protection. They also have pushbutton activation, and fully hydraulic platform positioning and lip extension for efficiency and ease of use. The hydraulic levelers are also available with an optional Hydra-Rite Hydraulic Package for optimal operation in the most demanding dock applications.

The smooth-transition leveler series also includes:
o RHA air-powered levelers with standard SAFE-T-LIP barrier, automatic recycle and a stump-out solution that provides automatic free-fall protection to stop rapid leveler descent within 3 inches.

o RHM mechanical units with standard ramp free-fall protection, safe, positive lip extension, and a 9-tooth pawl and crowned, hardened ratchet bar for secure hold-down.

All models have the SAFE-T-STRUT maintenance support strut for safe pit access during maintenance, and a structurally strong platform with eight beams, four rear uprights and a front header. The entire line meets or exceeds ANSI MH30.1 standards.

"The robust structure, combined with a smooth transition, contributes to lower overall lifetime ownership costs," Manone said, adding that all models carry a 20-year structural warranty when fitted to the application according to the company's Dock Leveler Investment Guide.

About Rite-Hite Corporation
Rite-Hite Corporation, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., is a leading manufacturer of material handling systems designed for maximum safety and productivity. Principal product lines include trailer restraints, dock levelers, integrated controls, dock seals and shelters, industrial power doors and after market products and services. For more information, call us at 1-800-456-0600, or visit our web site at

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