Do You Have Tough Material to Cut? Try the RTC1 Rigid Tubing Cutter from The Eraser Company!

RTC1 Rigid Tube Cutter

Do you have tough material to cut? Try the RTC1 Rigid Tubing cutter from The Eraser Company!

Model RTC1 Manual Feed Rigid Tubing Cutter is capable of processing copper, aluminum and mild steel. Model RTC1 has an unlimited cut length, is easy to use and offers production flexibility. This is the perfect tool for rigid tube cutting!

Material Size: 1/8"ID to 7/16" O.D.

Cut Length: 2.00" to Unlimited

Blades: Double Beveled Tool Steel

Power: 120V or 230V

Size: 14.5"W x 11.5"D x 7.5"H

See the RTC1 in action: YouTube!

Visit Eraser to see the MMC200 operating manual and other cutting machines.

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