DNS and DHCP Core Engines target mobile operators.

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Helping mobile providers achieve differentiation and network efficiency, Nominum Mobile Suite(TM) includes mobile packet core, which integrates standard caching and authoritative DNS services into single solution for 3G/4G networks. Program provides anywhere/anytime access to information generated by network, and enables providers to create network-based, value-added functions, from protection against viruses and phishing attacks to parental controls and scheduling tools.

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Nominum Launches World's First Purpose-Built Suite of DNS-based Solutions for Mobile Operators

New Nominum Mobile Suite Specifically Designed To Enable Mobile Providers To Achieve Competitive Differentiation, Network Efficiency and Business Agility

BARCELONA, Spain, -- Nominum, the worldwide leader in network-based solutions and applications for service providers powered by its world-class Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) core engines today announced its expanding presence into the mobile broadband arena with the introduction of a new Nominum Mobile Suite(TM), the first-ever purpose-built suite of solutions specifically designed for the changing needs of today's mobile providers.

Mobile service providers today are under the dual pressures of ever-increasing demands for data and traffic and the need to differentiate and adapt quickly. The Nominum Mobile Suite features high-value applications to help mobile providers increase revenue, reduce churn and ultimately protect their brands - all the while making the most efficient use of their most finite resource - wireless spectrum. The launch of the Nominum Mobile Suite is grounded in the Nominum legacy in DNS solutions that started with founder and chief scientist Dr. Paul Mockapetris and updates it for the pace of today's mobile Internet.

"Market conditions, especially the mobile data explosion and the migration to 4G, require providers to evolve their business models for the future while keeping up with the demands of today," said Doug Miller, General Manager of Mobile Solutions for Nominum. "Nominum Mobile Suite is an integrated approach to helping carriers unlock the secrets to their most valuable asset - network traffic - to become more efficient, differentiated and agile."

The Nominum Mobile Suite is built upon Nominum's expertise in delivering high-value applications for leading fixed broadband operators. Applied to mobile, these applications support core functions around multiple mobile-specific network interfaces such as Gi, Gn and Gp DNS. The Suite helps providers achieve differentiation, efficiency and agility by addressing four predominant provider business needs. The Suite includes:

-- Mobile Packet Core - This first-of-its-kind solution offers seamless integration of standard caching and authoritative DNS services into a single holistic and efficient solution for both 3G and 4G networks.

-- Network and Service Visibility - As networks advance and mobile customers consume more data, the need for visibility increases. This solution provides mobile service providers with anywhere/anytime access to the wealth of information generated by their network.

-- Subscriber Affinity - Leveraging the DNS platform, this solution enables providers to create network-based, value-added functions, from security from viruses and phishing attacks to parental controls and scheduling tools to enhanced end-user applications, which can improve subscriber experience and ultimately, improve loyalty.

-- Spectrum Efficiency - In addition to decreasing latency, this solution also manages wireless spectrum by preventing malicious activity enabling providers to quarantine abusive or infected customers, and addressing other forms of anomalous traffic.

"Nominum has a history of success with fixed and mobile service providers and a depth of products that led to the formation of a dedicated mobile solutions group and the release of the Nominum Mobile Suite," said Nominum CEO Gary Messiana. "The Nominum Mobile Suite for the first time integrates our innovative applications around the DNS so mobile providers can adapt to market conditions today and in the future while also addressing the specific challenges they face in the coming years."

For more information about Nominum Mobile Suite, visit http://www.nominum.com/mobile.

About Nominum

Nominum is the leading provider of high-value network-based solutions and applications powered by its world-class DNS and DHCP core engines. We empower fixed and mobile service providers and OEM technology partners to achieve cost efficiencies and extract the highest value from networks by enabling innovative and differentiated offerings. Nominum currently supports over 500 million Internet users worldwide, meeting the rigorous demands of service providers and enterprises for subscriber affinity, network performance, security, and low latency. Nominum is a global organization headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

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