DNC Communications works through web.

Press Release Summary:

Using standard web browser, webDNC simplifies file management and communications, virtually eliminates manual data entry of production process, and provides control, monitoring and scheduling of machine activities in real time. It manages NC files, inputs data into Oracle, SQL or X-base databases, provides access to information such as part number and revision via a web browser, and runs DNC programs on up to 256 machines per PC.

Original Press Release:

Web Based DNC Communications Enables Simplified Job and File Management

Web based DNC communications enables simplified job and file management.

Eagle, Idaho January 2001 RealVision Inc. announces the release of webDNC. This new, ground- breaking DNC communication software, sets a new standard in the ease of use, while adding new powerful features never seen before in modern DNC systems. Features which virtually eliminate manual data entry of the production process, in turn providing unsurpassed control, monitoring and scheduling of machine activities in real time.

With webDNC, simplicity is the key. The system consists of three distinct modules:

DNCAssist, DNCView and RemoteDNC. Each one managing its own set of tasks providing an immense measure of flexibility that translates into even greater functionality.

DNCAssist manages all your NC files. Working in the background, the system gathers information and inputs the data into a choice of databases including ORACLE, MS SQL and X-Base.

webView provides instant access to tape definition information such as program Revision, part number, tool list, job info, machine activity and much more utilizing your standard WEB browser. Also provided, for viewing, is a standard Window's based application for those companies that do not operate in an Intranet environment.

RemoteDNC is the full featured, robust LAN based 32 bit DNC server that supports up to 256 machines per PC. RemoteDNC uses an interactive command language that allows personnel to request programs, display program lists, check tape definition information, display tool lists, request tool offset blocks, download individual tool offsets, record part counts, cycle times and send E-mail notes and comments from the CNC control.

And so, webDNC takes care of all the details, including program ID management, tool list generation, tool offset file generation, program revision control, job tracking, machine tool data collection, alarm monitoring, part router linking, automated information logging and last but, of course not the least, information distribution via the Web.

When details are hard to manage, webDNC provides time for those tasks that seem more important. "Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today?" webDNC will make the difference! Check it out

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