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DMD Projection Manufacturers Set to Benefit from Compact and Efficient Optical Module

DMD projection manufacturers set to benefit from compact and efficient
optical module

San Jose, CA - June 1, 2006 - Bookham, Inc. (Nasdaq: BKHM), a leading provider of optical components, modules and subsystems, today announced the launch of an innovative solution for LED multiplexing. The product - the ZoroLight(tm) LED Multiplexer module - is designed to support next-generation rear projection television (RPTV) and pocket projectors that use LED illumination instead of conventional UHP Lamps.

Bookham has taken the unique step of mounting specially designed optical thin film filters required for multiplexing into a package that is more compact and optically efficient than traditional solutions. ZoroLight multiplexes red, blue and green LED signals to enable DLP(tm) (Digital Light Processor) projection devices and requires minimum alignment during light engine assembly by customers.

"LED-based projection systems are a growth market and one that Bookham is well-positioned to support," explained Bruce Kuhlmann, Director of Global Sales - Thin Films, Bookham. "As the number one supplier of thin film filters to the telecom industry, we have built up extensive experience in combining multiple wavelengths of light efficiently. By using telecom thin film filter technology, and the unique production processes we have developed, we are able to bring theatre quality, high
performance optics to the projection display market and package them in such a way that OEMs can use them seamlessly within their own offering."

Bookham has developed fully-automated thin film and assembly processes, which create higher quality optics than competitive systems. The Bookham patented AED (Advanced Energetic Deposition) automated thin film optical coating technology produces precision optical filters with ultra-low defect levels and higher light throughput, tighter wavelength control, high volume and low cost.

"We believe that our production processes are unique within the display industry," said Mr Kuhlmann. "They enable greater consistency and reliability of supply - factors that have contributed to our leading position as a supplier to the telecom sector and growth in the display sector."

Bookham will be showing ZoroLight(tm), and its full line of ColorLoc(tm) thin film components for display optics, at Infocomm and SID next week. The portfolio includes color filter wheels, which offer optimized color management and enhanced brightness in high performance DLP imaging applications; all dielectric light pipes for low loss light homogenization; UV/IR blockers, which prevent harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation from degrading a projection system's performance; anti-reflection coatings (ARs); front surface mirrors (FSMs) for micro-display engine beam-folding; dichroics for color separation and combining; and custom filters and assemblies for LED illumination.

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