DLP® Technology Showcases Spatial Light Modulator Enhancements

Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) Discovery(TM) developer platform drives high performance and resolution

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 22 -- DLP® Technology from Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN), is highlighting the latest Discovery(TM) 4000 development platform at the Photonics West Show this week -- Booth #5036. The Discovery 4000 enables extremely fast, high contrast and high resolution display applications with an optical semiconductor module that allows developers to manipulate light digitally. The DMD Discovery product family enables emerging applications with TI's Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) -- the same light modulation technology used in DLP projectors and HDTVs, with over 14.5 million chipsets shipped to date.

"We are proud to be the first technology to provide developers with a tool to develop projection and spectroscopy applications across the broad spectrum of wavelengths including visible light, IR and UV light," said Eric Braddom, Business Manager of DLP Catalog Products, which is focused on applying proven DLP technology in new markets. "DLP Products continues to see increased applications for our DMD technology in the areas of maskless lithography, augmented reality, optical networking, 3D projection, security, spectroscopy, and medical imaging."

When integrated with light source and optics, the DMD Discovery 4000 platform enables binary light patterns with speed, precision, and efficiency far surpassing that of other spatial light modulators. It provides substantial performance improvements including increased data rate, frame rate and flexible random row addressing. The new Discovery 4000 works with several DMDs including the .95" 1920 x 1080p 2xLVDS DMD.

"DLP DMD technology is optimal for emerging SLM applications because it is versatile across multiple wavelengths," said Dr. Ulrich Stange, Vice President Research and Product Development, OneLight Corporation. "The new Discovery 4000 works across a wide range of wavelengths, making it possible for developers to create applications with UV, visible and IR light sources. DLP technology is the only SLM that works with UV light."

The availability of the DLP Discovery 4000 development platform is slated for the second quarter of 2008 and more information can be found at http://www.dmddiscovery.com/.

About Texas Instruments DLP Products

DLP display technology from Texas Instruments offers clarity down to the most minute detail, delivering pictures rich with color, contrast and brightness to large-screen HDTVs and projectors for business, home, professional venue and digital cinema (DLP Cinema®). 50 of the world's top projection and display manufacturers design, manufacture and market products based on DLP technology. DLP is the only HDTV technology built from a foundation in the digital cinema where it set the industry standard demonstrated by the deployment of DLP Cinema technology in 5,500 theaters worldwide. At the heart of every DLP chip is an array of up to 2.2 million microscopic mirrors which switch incredibly fast to create a high resolution, highly reliable, full color image. DLP technology's chip architecture and inherent speed advantage provides razor-sharp images and excellent reproduction of fast motion video. Since early 1996, more than 14.5 million DLP subsystems have been shipped. For more information, please visit www.dlp.com/. For more information regarding the Discovery family of products visit http://www.dmddiscovery.com/.

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Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) helps customers solve problems and develop new electronics that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through manufacturing, design and sales operations in more than 25 countries. For more information, http://www.ti.com/.

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