Distributed Motion Control with Technosoft Universal Drive Solution

Using MotionChip(TM) DSP Control Technology, Technosoft has developed a family of intelligent, universal drives, based on customer requirements: IDMx40 Intelligent Servo Drives, IDSx40 Intelligent Stepper Drives, IPS110 / IBL2403 Intelligent Minidrives, ISM4803 / ISCM4805 Intelligent Control Modules.

These high-performance intelligent products represent a true universal drive solution covering all type of applications for brushless, DC, linear and step motors from 25 W (45 V, 0.5 A) up to 640 W (80 V, 8 A). They are designed to embed motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single frame unit of different sizes.

At the same time, Technosoft has designed a special family of fully digital intelligent brushless and step motors, IM23x and IS23x. The hardware structure of these motors integrates motor, power electronics, controller, position sensor and interface in one compact unit with basic local digital and analog I/O signals.

The embedded motion controller offers the same high-level motion language for all motors, making their technology differences transparent for the user.

Technosoft motion technology is best valued in systems with distributed intelligence, where the motion application is split between master and drives. Thanks to the embedded motion controller, complex move sequences are programmed directly on the drive. The master just calls the functions implemented on the drives and waits for their execution confirmation. As a consequence, the high-level control functions are handled directly by the supervising PC and a multi-axis motion controller is no longer needed.

All Technosoft drives / motors are programmable in the new software platform, EasyMotion Studio, with Technosoft Motion Language (TML) and graphical tools, in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations. Torque, speed, position, contouring, profiling, e-cams and step motor emulation are the multi-mode motion operations of Technosoft products. Typical feedback devices include tacho generators, incremental encoders, digital or linear Halls.

Starter kits and C++, Delphi, Visual Basic motion control libraries for PCs, as well as PLCopen libraries for various PLCs, are available for an easier integration of these drives / motors into customers' applications. Featuring RS232 communication by default, the optional CANopen / CAN version of Technosoft products will provide advanced distributed motor control functions like electronic gearing or e-CAM.

Cost-optimized design and networking possibilities make them valuable universal drive solutions that are ideally suited for distributed control systems, packaging equipment, printing, textile, automotive, pick and place or factory automation applications.

Complete specifications can be found on www.technosoftmotion.com.

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