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Distributed AC Vector Drives offer power capacity up to 30 hp.

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Dec 14, 2012 - Designed to mount directly to motor, SK 200E Series Size 4 Drives can operate up to 15 hp motors on 200–240 Vac 3-phase power and up to 30 hp motors on 380–500 Vac 3-phase power. Units are equipped with cover-mounted trim potentiometers, electro-mechanical motor brake power supply, and integral cooling fan. Available in IP55- and IP66-rated versions, drives also feature sensor-less current vector control, plug-in EEPROM module, diagnostic LEDs, and POSICON positioning control.

Original Press Release

SK 200E Size 4 AC Vector Drive Series Offers Expanded Power Ratings

Press release date: Dec 13, 2012

The SK 200E series is a highly versatile line of distributed AC vector drives customizable for specific applications. NORD has expanded the power capacity of the SK 200E up to 30 HP with the new size 4 drives. NORD is the only manufacturer that offers a motor-mount variable frequency drive at these ratings.

Standard Features: Size 4 drives are capable of operating up to 15HP motors on 200 to 240 VAC 3-phase power and up to 30HP motors on 380 to 500 VAC 3-phase power.

Because the drive mounts directly to the motor and not in the control panel, the heat generated in the control cabinet during operation is greatly reduced. This results in a much smaller control panel.

The size 4 drive combines features of the frame size 1-3 SK 2X0E series and the SK 2X5E series. These features include:
- Sensor-less current vector control (ISD)
- Plug-in memory-storage module (EEPROM) – store application-specific drive settings on a secure, transferrable memory module
- Diagnostic LEDs
- PTC input, allowing users to easily incorporate thermistors
- Energy-saving function
- Internal 24V control power supply with the option to provide external 24V control power
- POSICON positioning control with incremental or absolute encoder feedback

The Size 4 SK 200E also includes cover-mounted trim potentiometers, an electro-mechanical motor brake power supply and an integral cooling fan. This fan lets the drive operate at full output power independent of motor speed or mounting.

Input Options: The SK 200E series features both digital and analog inputs as standard. These inputs give the drive many options to apply basic process control, governing aspects of the operation including flow, pressure and temperature. Four configurable digital inputs are available, as well as two digital outputs.

Protection from the Elements: Size 4 SK 200E vector drives are available in two protection classes for various installation environments. Standard IP55 version drives feature protection from limited ingress, dust and low-pressure water jets. For increased protection, the IP66 version guards completely against dust and high-pressure water jets.

Company background
NORD was founded in 1965 to develop, produce, and market drive technology. As an industry leader ranking # 2 in the US & Canada and # 2 as the Global Leader, NORD reaches nearly all markets. With 2800 employees and 35 assembly factories worldwide, sales and support is available in 60+ countries. This ensures short delivery times and services close to you. NORD supplies application-specific concepts and solutions which include but are not limited to energy-saving drives. NORD provides a wide range of products to meet your needs with gearboxes ranging in torque ratings from 8.5 lb-in to 1, 770, 000 lb-in and electric motors rating in power from 1/6 HP to 250 HP. In addition, the product line consists of high performance AC Vector Drives and AC Drives for panel mount or distributed motor mount.

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