Display Fastening System uses aluminum profiles and connectors.

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With aluminum profiles, connectors, hinges, and accessories for FOGA® Exhibit and Display Fastening System, radii can be created to accommodate curvature of almost any inside, outside, or arch radius application without causing profile deformation. Infinitely variable 360° Hinge permits displays to swing through 360° arc without diminishing strength of fastening system. Components are available in anodized clear, black gold, and brite powder coated finishes.

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Outwater Introduces New Aluminum Profiles, Connectors and Accessories for its FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System

Bogota, NJ (www.outwater.com) — Outwater’s [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System has been used and recognized worldwide as the “Industry’s first Aluminum Component System” since 1971 in applications ranging from simple decorative display partitions to highly complex structural two tiered exhibit systems.

Comprising newly introduced aluminum profiles, connectors, hinges and accessories, Outwater has enhanced its manufacturing and production capabilities of FOGA® with its recently improved ability to create radii that can further accommodate the curvature of almost any inside, outside or arch radius application without causing any profile deformation, enabling designers, exhibitors and contractors the freedom, flexibility and versatility to easily create and realize custom permanent and semi-permanent exhibits, displays, gazebos, kiosks, wall and store fixtures, interconnected display board panels as well as complete exhibit systems for use in all types of environments.

FOGA® is built around a simple connecting device that rapidly joins extrusions with the use of only one tool, an Allen key, designed to provide a simple yet effective locking technique while minimizing labor and material costs.

Available in anodized clear, black gold and brite powder coated finishes, all components of FOGA® are intended to complement each other.

FOGA®’s unique and infinitely variable 360° Hinge is a remarkable feat of design and engineering, permitting displays to swing through a 360° arc without diminishing the strength of the rest of the fastening system.  The 360° Hinge enables a single person to set up and take down any number of display walls, which fold flat for easy transportation.

Outwater also offers panels for displays.  Constructed from Gatorfoam®, the displays are available with an applied Velcro compatible velvet loop fabric in numerous designer colors, lending them to any décor.  Available in standard 4-ft. x 8-ft. sheets, the displays can be custom manufactured to suit a variety of applications.

Outwater’s FOGA® Exhibit & Display Fastening System is designed to be compatible for use with industry standard hardware and accessories.

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