Displacement Sensor Series is accurate to ±1%.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing receiver with color-independent, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology, OD series detects surfaces with different reflectance for stable, linear measurement. Self-contained photoelectric sensor and measurement device lets users detect objects and determine their heights and offers continual process checks through digital display. With digital signal processing, series offers measurement ranges from 30 ±4 mm to 250 ±150 mm.

Original Press Release:

SICK OD CMOS Sensor Offers Improved Performance and Accuracy for the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries

Minneapolis, Minn. July 12, 2004 - SICK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications, today announced the OD series of Displacement Sensors with a new receiver that has advanced complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. CMOS technology is color independent and offers superior reliability in detecting surfaces with greatly different reflectance, enabling stable, linear measurement and detection for applications in the semiconductor processing and electronics industries.

This new line of space-saving, self-contained photoelectric sensors and measurement devices is easy to set up, enabling users to detect small objects and accurately determine their heights without a supplementary control device. The SICK OD CMOS sensor also offers continual process checks through a digital display, enabling users to monitor performance.

The OD CMOS from SICK is ideal for use in monitoring presence and position of circuit boards, quality control in sub-assembly production in the electronics and semiconductor industries, and for measuring the thickness or diameter of objects. In addition to the semiconductor and electronics industries, the OD CMOS can be used in automotive plants, robotics and building packaging machines.

Features include:
· Color independent
· Simple set up of parameters and outputs via teach-in controls on the sensor
· Digital, highly accurate, signal processing
· Available with several different measurement ranges:
30 +/- 4 mm, 50 +/-10 mm, 80 +/- 15 mm, 100 +/- 40 mm, 250 +/- 150 mm
· Max. Resolution: 2, 8, 8,10, 25 µm
· Accuracy/Linearity: +/- 1% @ 6%...90% Remission
· Housing- and pin-compatible with the existing line of OD sensors

About SICK
From wafer detection to chip positioning and printed circuit board monitoring, SICK provides economical solutions for semiconductor applications.

SICK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications. With more than 350 patents, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations. The diversity of its product line allows SICK to offer solutions at every phase of production in the semiconductor, automotive, packaging, electronics, food and beverage, and material handling markets. SICK was founded in 1946 and has operations or representation in 65 countries worldwide.

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