Dispensing System utilizes 10:1 ratio cartridges.

Press Release Summary:

Consisting of manual dispensing gun, S-50 System cartridge, and static mixer, MIXPAC Hand-Held Cartridge Dispensing System dispenses 2-component adhesives in 10:1 volumetric ratio. Available in either polypropylene or polyester, each cartridge offers total capacity of 50 ml and ensures precise ratio control, minimizing material waste.

Original Press Release:

ConPro Tec Announces Availability of S-50 System 10:1 Cartridges for MIXPAC Dispensing System

ConProTec Inc., the leading innovator of 2-component adhesive dispensing systems, announces the availability of the S-50 System 10:1 ratio cartridges for its MIXPAC Hand-Held Cartridge Dispensing System. The MIXPAC System consists of a manual dispensing gun, a cartridge, and a static mixer, all designed to work together as an integrated high-performance system.

MIXPAC Cartridge Dispensing Systems are used to dispense 2-component adhesives in a 10:1 volumetric ratio. The total capacity of each cartridge is 50ml and they are available in either polypropylene or polyester. ConProTec's S-50 System ensures precise ratio control, reduction in hazardous and material waste, and an overall cost savings with improved manageability and productivity.

ConProTec Inc. is an engineering based company focused on developing the innovative line of MIXPAC hand-held, meter/mix and dispensing products for 2-component adhesives and sealants. ConProTec also offers the complete line of STATOMIX static mixers, the most complete line of high quality, low cost, static mixers in the world.

About ConProTec Inc.
For more information on MIXPAC Hand-Held Adhesive Dispensing Systems, contact ConProTec Inc., 8 Willow Street, Salem, NH 03079. Call: 603-893-2727 or fax: 603-893-3737. Visit ConProTec on the World Wide Web at www.conprotec.com

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