Dispenser provides positive displacement dispensing.

Press Release Summary:

I&J123-S and I&J123-D Series provide air-free volumetric dispensing of any 2-part epoxy or single-part fluid material. Hydro-Link micro-step motor of 16:1 connects to precision piston ram assembly and accommodates syringes of 3, 5, 10, 30, and 55 cc, together with meter, mix, and dispense twin-packaged cartridges of 50, 200, 400, and 600 ml. Units can dispense from 0.0004 cc with programmable pull-back to prevent oozing.

Original Press Release:

Positive Displacement Dispensing Straight from the Syringe - No Valves - No Air

I&J Fisnar Inc. is pleased to launch an entirely new technology in air-free volumetric dispensing. Any two-part epoxy or single-part fluid material can now be dispensed directly from an industry-standard syringe including pre-filled packaged syringes or twin-packaged cartridges for meter, mix and dispense.

The revolutionary I&J123-S and I&J123-D series provide a high-tech solution of dispensing from contemporary material packaging. Using a flexible Hydro-Link, the Micro-Step Motor of 16:1 (2000 steps to 1/16 inch) connects to a Precision Piston Ram Assembly. The system accommodates syringes of 3, 5, 10, 30 and 55cc, together with Meter, Mix and Dispense twin-packaged cartridges of 50, 200, 400 and 600ml.

The I&J Fisnar volumetric mechanical dispensing technology can dispense from 0.0004cc with programmable pull-back to prevent oozing. Pre-packed syringes and frozen syringes can be dispensed during the working life of the product without concern for changes in viscosity or temperature. The I&J123-S can dispense the entire amount of the syringe as long as the material
is not solid. Its 200 lb torque, Micro-Step Motor can accurately dispense thick solder pastes greater than 1,000,000 cps down to liquid viscosities of less than 1 cps.

Hand-mixed and expensive two-part materials in small amounts can be dispensed from a throwaway 3cc syringe dispensing the entire syringe with significant material cost savings. The technology is ideal for Medical, Electronic and Fiber-Optic micro-shot applications requiring highly repeatable deposition.

The lightweight handset of 4 oz reduces the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, leaving the weight of the system on the bench where it belongs - not in the user's hand. The simple, intuitive PALM Programming Screen with Graphical Display is a quick, easy and tactile interface to the user.

The I&J123-S and I&J123-D can also be mounted to I&J Fisnar Robots and Rotary Tables for automatic dispensing directly from the package.

A wide range of automated dispensing solutions is included in a 76-page 2002 Catalog from I&J Fisnar Inc. "the dispensing company." A new 36-page Meter, Mix and Dispense Catalog is also available.

Visit our new website at www.ijfisnar.com or e-mail us at info@ijfisnar.com

For information on all our dispensing solutions, call I&J Fisnar Inc. at 201-796-1477 and talk to a person who can assist with your dispensing needs.

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