Discrete IGBTs replace 200-300 V MOSFETs.

Press Release Summary:

Offered in TO-220, TO-247, D2, and D3 packages, 300 V IGBTs use Power MOS 7® Technology and are designed to replace 200-300 V MOSFETs in switching applications to 200 kHz. Also suited for plasma display panel applications, products offer IC2 values of 26, 32, 60, and 83 A depending on model. Additional applications include DC-DC converters for Telecom, DC-AC inverters for alternate energy and SMPS applications, and PDP applications.

Original Press Release:

Low Cost 300V Discrete IGBT Product Line Replaces 200-300V MOSFETS

Bend OR..... Advanced Power Technology (NASDAQ: APTI) is pleased to announce it's new product line of 300V IGBTS. These discrete devices use APT's latest generation Power MOS 7® Technology and are offered in TO-220, TO-247, D2 and D3 packages. They are designed as cost effective replacements for 200 - 300V MOSFETS in switching applications up to 200 kHz and for Plasma Display Panel applications.

Key Features

· Efficiency - Lower conduction losses than MOSFETS twice the size
· High Switching speed - same as larger size MOSFETS
· Space and cost saving - A single IGBT can replace 2 paralleled MOSFETS
· Space and cost saving - A single TO-220 IGBT can replace a TO-247 MOSFET


Applications for these devices include DC-DC converters for Telecom, DC-AC Inverters for alternate energy and other SMPS applications, and PDP applications for Corporate Business, Home Displays, HDTV, and Public displays. These 300V IGBT discretes are cost effective replacements for 200 - 300V MOSFETS, below frequencies of 200 kHz.

Data sheets are available to assist the designer, describing the features and benefits of these new 300V IGBTS in greater detail. These may be downloaded from APT's website at advancedpower.com or obtained from the factory.

Samples are available now. Lead times for 10K quantities 8-12 weeks.
Amperes ($)
APT26GU30K 26 2.26 TO-220
APT26GU30SA 26 2.55 D2
APT32GU30B 32 3.66 TO-247
APT60GU30B 60 5.95 TO-247
APT60GU30S 60 6.23 D3
APT83GU30B 83 8.47 TO-247
APT83GU30S 83 8.73 D3

With Operations in Bend, Oregon, Santa Clara, California, Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania and Bordeaux France, APT is a leading supplier of power semiconductors for RF, Microwave, Linear, and Switchmode Applications.

For additional information, contact APT at 405 SW Columbia Street, Bend, Oregon 97702
Phone: 800-522-0809 or (541) 382-8028 outside of North America; Fax: (541) 388-0364
E-mail: custserv@advancedpower.com

POWERMOS 7® is a Registered Trademark of Advanced Power Technology

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