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ComposerMAX(TM) 4-drive CD/DVD duplicator automatically records and prints up to 400 discs per job at 32x recording speeds. Robotics are used to pick and place discs into 2 or 4 recordable drives. After discs are recorded they are transported into 100-disc output bins. Discs can also be transported to optional, built-in printer for full color printing with up to 2400 dpi print resolution. ComposerMAX attaches to any PC running Windows(R) 98se/Me/2000/XP.

Original Press Release:

Primera Technology Introduces ComposerMAX(TM) Optical Disc Duplicator

New high-volume, four-drive CD/DVD duplicator automatically records and prints up to 400 discs per job at fast 32x recording speeds

Los Angeles, California, USA (February 12, 2002) -- Primera Technology, Inc., one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of CD/DVD disc duplication and printing equipment, today announced its ComposerMAX Optical Disc Duplicator. The announcement was made at the REPLItech North America show
being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from February 12-14, 2002. ComposerMAX is a heavy-duty, automated CD-R/DVD-R duplication system designed for high-volume production environments. With its built-in recordable drives, ComposerMAX produces up to 400 discs per job without operator intervention. Advanced robotics are used to "pick and place" discs into either two or four recordable drives. After discs are recorded they are
transported into individual 100-disc output bins. The entire process is automatic and no operator intervention is necessary after a job has been started.

Discs can also be transported to an optional, built-in Primera Technology ink-jet or thermal transfer optical disc printer for full color printing with up to 2400 dpi print resolution. Depending upon the amount of data recorded and the graphics printed, ComposerMAX can produce up to 250 discs per hour.

Typical applications include service bureaus and disc replication businesses as well as other companies and organizations who have a need for high-volume in-house production of CDs and DVDs for audio, data, video, photos and virtually any other digital information.

ComposerMAX attaches to any PC running Windows(R) 98se/Me/2000/XP through its built-in FireWire(TM) interface.
Also known as IEEE 1394 or i.LINK(TM), this interface allows high-speed transmission of data without errors. It also
permits longer cable lengths than the SCSI interface that was previously used on Primera Technology's CD and DVD duplicators. Depending upon the model purchased, ComposerMAX comes equipped with either Prassi(TM) PrimoCD Pro(TM) or PrimoDVD(TM) duplication software or both. Prassi, a division of well-known software vendor Veritas(R), has partnered with Primera Technology on ComposerMAX to offer a complete, professional disc
duplication solution.

"ComposerMAX is the largest and most robust disc duplication system we've ever offered," said Mark D. Strobel, Primera Technology's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Every component has been designed to withstand continuous, heavy-duty use in production environments. With its 3/8" thick aluminum base plate, 12-gauge steel frame, tough polycarbonate top cover and proven robotics, ComposerMAX is one of the most reliable products of its type available. At the same time, it is priced significantly below other comparable disc duplication systems."

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices on the six different ComposerMAX models are as follows: Price Part # Description (MSRP, USD) 62401 2-Drive CD-R (32x) $6495 62402 4-Drive CD-R (32x) $7995 62403 2-Drive DVD-R/CD-R (8x) $9995 62404 4-Drive DVD-R/CD-R (8x) $12,995 62405 1-Drive CD-R (32x) & 1-Drive DVD-
R/CD-R (8x) $8495 62406 2-Drive CD-R (32x) & 2-Drive DVD-R/CD-R (8x) $10,995

Optional disc printers include the 1200 dpi Signature(R) IV CD Color Printer, which sells for US$1495 (MSRP), or the SignaturePro(R) CD Color Printer that prints at 2400 dpi and sells for US$1895 (MSRP). Or, for the fastest and most robust printing, the Inscripta(TM) Thermal CD Printer is available at US$2995 (MSRP). Up to two Inscripta Thermal CD Printers may be used with ComposerMAX for the fastest possible disc production.

Primera's CD and DVD products are available in more than 85 countries from Authorized Primera Technology Resellers and Distributors. The products are also available from Primera Technology EUROPE in Wiesbaden, Germany.

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