Disastrous Results from Not Using a Lining System

Construction and Industrial Hoppers

Vineland, Ontario - Plastruct Canada Inc., Hopper Lining Systems are designed to eliminate the dangerous practices often applied in freeing material in large hoppers, bins, dump trucks and conveying systems.

Hoppers, chutes, and bins are an integral part of many manufacturing processes. It is not unusual for items such as sand, coal, dirt, frozen gravel, cement, soil mixtures and flour to stick to the inside walls of a hopper, often creating what is commonly referred to as rat holing or bridging. When materials stick and bind, it has to be freed. Operators will often try to reach the problem areas with rods to dislodge them from a precarious edge. Workers try to free the material by sometimes getting into the hoppers to rod, shovel, hammer or rake the problem area to improve flow rates often taking risks resulting in accidents or deaths. These practices can be extremely dangerous, inefficient, costly and an unreliable method of operation. The overwhelming majority of people do not realize how common these types of confined space accidents are.

Bill C-45 amendments allows for the prosecution of the employers, supervisors and those directing work for criminal negligence causing bodily harm. The amendment also created a "new duty" whereas anyone who directs how a person works or performs a task must take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person or any other person arising from that work or task. In addition to working to prevent workplace accidents there are a number of ways employers can take steps to minimize risks. Lockout/Tagout Procedures and safety harnesses are a must. The extremely low surface friction of Plastruct’s custom liner systems dramatically improves material flow should be considered by all facilities utilizing hoppers. The need for rodding to stimulate material flow can be reduced from an everyday occurrence to minor cleanouts for inspection purposes. Plastruct's liner systems also serve as an excellent wear surface, extending the life of the hopper, chute, bin or truck bed. Plastruct Canada Inc. offers a step by step approach to solving bulk material flow problems. From analyzing data to final installation, Plastruct's design team will engineer a solution to best suit your application. Plastruct's on site Field Division provides professional plastics installations. Plastruct's Lining Systems ensure workplace safety for bulk material flow issues.

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