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Providing high availability and disaster recovery automation capabilities to all Microsoft supported SQL Server instances, DxConsole HADR Edition ensures minimal downtime to business critical applications. Within seconds of failure, SQL Server instances will automatically be made available at alternate location while maintaining same application connection string. Full multi-subnet aware stretch clustering provides failover without complexity of spanning subnets across locations.

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DH2i Announces DxConsole HADR Edition - Automated High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Full Multi-Subnet Aware Stretch Clustering Solution Ensures Uninterrupted Access to Business Critical Data Across Heterogeneous Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — DH2i(TM) Company today announced the release of DxConsole HADR Edition, further extending DH2i's leadership in server application virtualization solutions that ensure highly efficient and cost effective management of enterprise applications across heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud environments. DH2i's DxConsole HADR Edition provides high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) automation capabilities to all Microsoft supported SQL Server instances, ensuring minimal downtime to business critical applications.

DxConsole HADR Edition responds better than any other high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) alternative for SQL Server. Other solutions have three major drawbacks. First, many businesses rely on recovery methods/technologies that do not provide fault detection and/or automated failover.  Consequently, it often takes hours or even days to get systems back up and running after a failure. Second, automating high availability and disaster recovery is generally complex and expensive. Other automated mechanisms are limited to the most expensive SQL Server and operating system versions and editions and often require huge changes to infrastructure. The third drawback to alternative HADR methods is that they cannot coordinate all required dependencies after a failure occurs to meet SLA requirements.

Until DxConsole HADR Edition, there was no comprehensive method to address these shortcomings across multiple heterogeneous operating system and SQL Server versions and/or editions, at an affordable cost for every instance. 

DxConsole HADR Edition extends high availability and disaster recovery for Microsoft SQL Server from any source to any target. Within seconds of a failure, SQL Server instances will automatically be made available at an alternate location while maintaining the exact same application connection string. Full multi-subnet aware stretch clustering provides simple failover without the networking complexity requirement of spanning subnets across locations. DxConsole HADR Edition leverages any 3(rd) party replication technology (host based and/or SAN based) of the user's choice, as well as any version or edition of SQL Server and OS. There is no requirement to make disruptive infrastructure changes or expensive licensing upgrades.

"One of the top priorities for any IT Manager or database administrator is to ensure that their databases and applications never go down - and if one does, they need to make sure they can get it back up practically instantly, completely transparently, with absolutely no data loss," said Jason Buffington, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). "It's hard to imagine any platform being as critical to customers of all sizes as Microsoft SQL Server, so DH2i's HADR offering should be a welcome alternative for DBAs and IT Pros looking to ensure the agility and recoverability of the database applications on which their users rely."

"SQL Server downtime prevents employees and/or customers from accessing critical applications and information, which often equates to closing down a revenue stream for that period of time.  Even an extremely brief unscheduled outage can have a huge financial impact," said Daniel Eriksson, Chief Infrastructure Consultant, B3IT.  "For our customers, this is simply not an option."  Eriksson continued, "We are looking at DxConsole HADR to enable our customers to ensure and streamline the management of SQL Server HA and DR, while adhering to today's typically strict budgetary constraints."

"DxConsole HADR Edition software orchestrates and automates high availability, disaster recovery, maintenance, and management of SQL Server instances across a heterogeneous physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure," said Don Boxley, Co-Founder and CEO of DH2i.  "In the event of an outage, SQL Server instances are dynamically re-hosted from on-premises to an alternate site. A single operational model and console ensures seamless coherent management of both the DR site and on-premises SQL Server instance workloads.  Active policy-based monitoring intelligently automates IT operations to maintain required SLA and QoS contracts for all SQL Server instances regardless of location."

Customers leveraging DxConsole HADR Edition for high availability and disaster recovery will also gain a wide array of additional business benefits including increased operational efficiency, greater business agility, lower costs, and better ROI across their entire compute environment.

DxConsole HADR Edition is now generally available and priced starting at $5,000 per physical processor. For virtual machines, the price is $625 per virtual CPU (with a 4 virtual CPU minimum per VM.)

For further information, DH2i will be offering the following live webinars:

Introduction to DxConsole HADREdition

Oct. 30 and Nov. 13 @ 11:00 am MT

Register here: http://dh2i.com/resources/webinars/Introduction_to_DxConsole_HADR_Edition/landing.php

Using DxConsole HADR Edition

Nov. 6 and Nov. 20 @ 11:00 am MT

Register here: http://dh2i.com/resources/webinars/Using_DxConsole_HADR_Edition/landing.php

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DH2i Company is the leading provider of server application virtualization solutions. Their products provide a unified operational model that orchestrates SQL Server management, high availability (HA), and disaster recovery (DR) across heterogeneous physical and virtual infrastructures. DxConsole and DxConsole HADR Edition provide individual instance mobility and policy-based monitoring, intelligently automating IT operations and maintaining required performance and availability SLAs. For further information, please visit the DH2i website, call: 970-295-4505 or +44 20 3318 9204, or email: info@dh2i.com.

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