Direct-Drive Centrifugal Blower targets sterile environments.

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PureAir(TM) variable-frequency, direct-drive centrifugal blower for clean-room applications is oil-free system that delivers clean, dry air at location it is needed. Unit's impeller profile minimizes energy consumption, while direct drive design eliminates belts and tension devices that require frequent maintenance and repair. Compact blower features 1 micron inlet filter and 0.3 micron outlet HEPA filter, as well as high-density polypropylene enclosure with noise-abating features.

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Paxton PureAir "Blow Air Cleaner . . .Keep Your Bottom Line Healthy"

CINCINNATI - Paxton Products, the industry leader in air delivery solutions, announces the launch of PureAir(TM), the first variable frequency, direct drive centrifugal blower designed specifically with clean-room applications in mind. This uniquely engineered oil-free system delivers clean dry air that is 99.97% pure, making it ideal for sterile environments in markets such as: pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage (pre-packaged), electronics, solar, and semi-conductor. Testing has shown the PureAir will reduce energy consumption approximately 80% over most traditional compressed air units, resulting in up to five times lower operating costs. With this significant savings, users can expect a return on investment in less than one year.

Among the features and benefits of the Paxton PureAir are:

o Reduced energy consumption with a state-of-the-art impeller profile that achieves peak performance levels at reduced operating speeds

o An inlet (1 micron) filter and an outlet (0.3 micron) HEPA filter that ensure ultra clean dry air

o A direct drive design that eliminates belts and tensioning devices, effectively lowering maintenance and repair costs

o A compact design for easy installation

o A high-density polypropylene blower enclosure designed with noise-abating features

o The versatility to be configured for a variety of applications, including vacuum hold-down, conveying and many others

"Reliable, energy-efficient clean air delivery is a significant challenge for clean-room applications in a variety of industries," said Rick Immell, International Sales Manager for Paxton Products. "Historically, plant operators have relied upon compressed air systems as their air delivery solution. These units are usually located upstream from the actual application, requiring significant amounts of energy to cool, dry, store and transport air to each point of use. The compressed air transmission lines then accumulate oil, dust and other pollutants that must be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain acceptable quality levels," he explained.

"PureAir solves this issue while significantly reducing the high level of energy consumption required by compressed air units," Immell noted. "With its compact design, PureAir can be easily located at the point where clean, dry air is required, eliminating the need to transport air from a remote location. It also provides an expertly engineered filtration system that ensures ultra clean air."

"The launch of Paxton PureAir is the culmination of a customer-driven innovation process aimed at satisfying an unmet need for clean-room applications," Immell said. "PureAir directly addresses the needs expressed by our customers by significantly reducing energy consumption and lowering maintenance needs. The system will be a valuable asset for clean-room environments across the globe."

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Paxton Products is part of the globally recognized Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 200 company located in Chicago, Illinois. For over 50 years, Paxton Products has provided innovation and market leadership in blow-off and drying systems. The company specializes in unmatched engineering expertise and developing customized solutions to meet application needs. Paxton guarantees systems will perform to customer specifications with its 100% Performance Guarantee.

For more information about the PureAir, visit or call 800-441-7475.

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