Dip Molding Service delivers prototypes in short time.

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Dip-molding service enables prototypes to be developed for caps, plugs, and handgrip applications, per customer specified materials, lengths, and thicknesses. Flexible PVC materials are offered in range of surface textures including foam, suede, and aggressive texture finishes, while other specialty materials include high and low temp resistance, static dissipative, UV stabilized, and UL 94 V compliant formulas. In addition to 8 standard colors, custom color matching is available.

Original Press Release:

Harman Corporation Provides Low-Cost Custom Dip Molding

ROCHESTER, Mich. (Sept. 21, 2006)-- Harman Corporation announces the availability of low-cost dip molding for custom shaped caps, plugs or handgrip applications. Harman's in-house design and tooling capabilities enable prototypes to be developed and delivered typically within five working days.

Tooling costs are significantly lower than other molding processes; other advantages include the ability to change length, thickness and material specifications using one set of molds.

Flexible PVC materials are available in a wide range of saurface textures including foam, suede and aggressive texture finishes. Other specialty materials include high and low temp resistance, static dissipative, UV stabilized and UL 94 V compliant formulas. In Addition to our eight standard colors, Harman has dozens of custom colored pigments in stock and custom color matching is available.

Harman Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of dip-molded products with over 45 years of experience. Harman offers global distribution of thousands of different colors and sizes of caps, grips and plugs, in addition to a complete line of masking supplies. Harman also provides cost efficient design and tooling expertise for custom product applications.

For further information, visit Harman Corporation's Web site at www.harmancorp.com, or contact Harman by phone at 248-651-4477, or by e-mail at sales@harmancorp.com

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