Diode Lasers come in C-mount package.

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Single-emitter, multimode diode lasers are available in operating wavelengths from 635-1,600 nm and output powers from 0.5-5 W, continuous wave. Lasers produce 25-30 mW per micron power density. Five watt device is a 200 micron broad area emitter at 808 nm, with operating current of 5,000 mA and compliance voltage of 1.95 V. Unit with 0.5 W output is a 150 micron broad area emitter at 635 nm. It features 1000 mA operating current and compliance voltage of 2.2V.

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nLight Launches Line of High-Brightness Single-Emitter Diode Lasers

VANCOUVER, Wash., February 28, 2005 - nLight, a leading manufacturer of high-power diode lasers, introduces a line of high-brightness, single-emitter, multimode diode lasers. Packaged on an industry-recognized C-mount package, these lasers are available in operating wavelengths from 635 nm to 1600 nm and output powers from 0.5W to 5W, continuous-wave (CW). Reliable and compact, these easy-to-integrate industry-standard lasers are appropriate for pumping diode-pumped solid-state lasers, materials processing and a variety of medical, graphic arts and illumination applications.

"Our C-mount lasers provide not only high-power but also industry-leading brightness in a range of wavelengths from an industry-recognized package, making them ideal for integration into virtually any laser-based application," said Merrill Apter, nLight vice president of sales and marketing. "While typical competitors' products feature 10- to 20-milliwatts per micron front facet power density, we are producing 25- to 30-milliwatts per micron power density. This allows us to build products that generate, from a 200-micron broad area emitter, up to 5 watts, continuous-wave at 808-nm."

As an added feature nLight can provide a fast axis-collimating lens, which allows in excess of 95% power transmission and collimates the fast axis down to <0.5 degrees, FWHM

Noteworthy in the line are 5W NIR and 0.5W visible products. nLight's 5W device is a 200-micron broad area emitter at 808 nm. The device's operating current is 5000 mA; compliance voltage is 1.95V. It features a spectral width of <2 nm, FWHM, and beam divergence of <36 degrees by <10 degrees, FWHM. nLight's 0.5W device is a 150-micron broad area emitter at 635 nm. The 0.5W laser features a 1000 mA operating current and compliance voltage of 2.2V. Beam divergence is <42 degrees by <10 degrees, FWHM. All feature high power conversion efficiency.

nLight's C-mounts are based on the company's proprietary MOCVD-grown laser structure, which results in highly reliable, long lifetime products.

About nLight:
nLight is focused solely on producing the world's leading high-power semiconductor lasers. nLight produces the broadest range of diode lasers in the industry, with wavelengths ranging from 635 nm to 1600 nm, in its vertically integrated 60,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility. nLight products offer superior performance and enable industrial, defense, medical, and graphics applications.

For more information visit www.nLight.net or contact Sandy Garcia at (360) 566-4462.

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