Diode Laser System provides gas laser beam quality.

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Series 56 ICS 222 Violet CleanBeam(TM) is available with up to 6 mW output at 405 nm or 1 mW output at 440 nm. It delivers round, spatially filtered beam with M2 factor of less than 1.1. Laser temperature, controlled by thermoelectric cooler, stabilizes output power and minimizes wavelength drift. Suited for use in laser-induced fluorescence metrology applications, series is CE and CDRH certified, fully self-contained, and requires 8 Vdc to operate.

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New 56-ICS Series Violet CleanBeam(TM) Diode-Laser Systems

Longmont, CO - Melles Griot introduces the new 56 ICS 222 CleanBeam(TM) series of compact, violet diode-laser systems with output at 405 or 440 nm and the superb beam quality previously available only from a gas laser. Systems are available with up to 6 mW of output at 405 nm or 1 mW of output at 440 nm. These laser systems are ideal for use in laser-induced fluorescence metrology applications, as well as in other applications where compact size, low noise, constant power, excellent beam quality, and long life are required.

CleanBeam laser systems provide unsurpassed optical performance by delivering a round, spatially filtered beam with an M2 factor <1.1.

The laser temperature is controlled by a thermoelectric cooler, which stabilizes output power, minimizes wavelength drift, and increases overall operating life. Each system undergoes extensive thermal testing to insure optical and power stability over the full operating temperature range.

56 ICS-series systems are CE and CDRH certified, fully self-contained, and require only 8 Vdc to operate. Individual units are fully characterized and are supplied with supporting test data to verify actual performance. Standard systems can be modulated to 5 MHz.

Melles Griot also manufactures an extensive line of gas and DPSS laser products with violet and blue output. Wavelengths of 430, 442, 457, 473, and 488 nm are available with output power as high as 500 mW. Red and near-infrared diode-laser systems are available in variety of configurations, with output ranging from 635 to 1550 nm. Customized systems are also available.

Melles Griot is a leading global supplier of photonics products including optical components and systems, lasers, motion-control systems, laser measurement instrumentation, opto-mechanical hardware, and vibration isolated optical tables and workstations. The company has manufacturing and distribution activities in 41 countries serving industries as diverse as semiconductor, biomedical, metrology, and telecommunications. Melles Griot is a Barloworld Scientific company.

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