DIN-Rail Mounting for Open PCB Assemblies

OKW have extended their 'RAILTEC' product range with a new line of DIN-Rail PCB interface supports. These have been designed to allow open PCB assemblies to be mounted in a control cabinet using the standard DIN-Rail system. Typical applications will include factory automation, building and safety systems, heating and air conditioning units, automatic timers, sensors, relays and signal distribution.

The 'RAILTEC' supports are molded in green self extinguishing PA 66 with a flame class rating of UL 94 V-0. Two different types are offered, the modular versions and the extruded versions.

The modular versions consist of snap-together end covers and intermediate base sections. Both parts are available with or without foot elements for mounting the unit to the DIN-Rail. The base sections are available in different lengths, and can be snapped together in series to achieve a suitable length for the PCB.

The extruded versions consist of a single piece extruded base section and screw-on end covers. Separate foot elements fit to the rear of the base extrusion and are used to mount the unit to the DIN-Rail. The base extrusion is supplied pre-cut to the exact size required for the customer's PCB. This can be up to a maximum of 1000 mm (39").

Both versions are designed for mounting to EN 50 022/035/045 (TS 35/32/15) standard DIN-Rails, and are available in two widths for 72 mm (2.83") or 107 mm (4.21") wide PCBs. The PCBs are fitted to the base sections by slide-in guide rails.

Accessories include a panel mounting element which can be used when the 'RAILTEC' supports are not being fitted to a DIN-Rail.

More information on these PCB supports can be found on OKW's website at: http://www.okwenclosures.com/railtec-support

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