Dimming Ballasts offer 1- or 2-lamp operation.

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Mark VII® 0-10 V Dimming Ballasts are for use with T5/HO fluorescent lamps, including 54 W linear lamps, 55 W circline lamps, and 55 W long twin tube lamps. They operate on 120 or 277 V systems. Units dim lamps directly from compatible 0-10 V controls, including occupancy sensors and ambient light sensors. They include programmed-start lamp ignition, THD below 10%, end-of-life protection circuitry, and operation above 40 kHz.

Original Press Release:

Advance Offers Mark VII(R) 0-10V Dimming Ballasts For T5/HO Lamps

Advance Transformer Company, Rosemont, Illinois, has announced the availability of new Mark VII® 0-l0V Dimming Ballasts for use with T5/HO fluorescent lamps, including 54-watt Linear lamps, 55-watt Circline lamps and 55-watt Long Twin Tube lamps. The ballasts are available for either one-lamp or two-lamp operation on 120V or 277V systems.

Like other Advance Mark VII 0-l0V Dimming Ballasts, the new units dim lamps directly from a variety of compatible 0-10V controls, including occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors, and other automatic and manual controls. They are ideal for use with the most sophisticated total building management control systems, allowing substantial energy cost savings through such techniques as daylight harvesting and load shedding. The ballasts' design allows for lighting control across branch circuits, reducing the number of controls required and maximizing flexibility of application.

In addition to providing significant energy saving opportunities through power consumption reductions, the decreased light levels made possible by Mark VII 0-10V ballasts can lower heat within the workplace, providing reductions in HVAC cooling requirements. The ballasts also provide the aesthetic benefits of starting lamps at low dim level, with no need to ramp up to full light output before dimming.

Mark VII 0-10V ballast features include programmed-start lamp ignition, Total Harmonic Distortion below 10%, color-coded poke-in connectors, a low-profile housing, automatic restrike, lamp end-of-life protection circuitry, and operation above 40kHz. Like
other Advance electronic ballast products, Mark VII 0-10V ballasts carry a 5-year warranty.

Ballast catalog numbers are: RZT-154 (one lamp, 120V), VZT-154 (one lamp, 277V), RZT-2S54 (two lamps, 120V), and VZT-2S54 (two lamps, 277V).

Advance Transformer Company, a leading ballast manufacturer based in Rosemont, Illinois, designs, produces and sells a full line of magnetic and electronic ballasts for both fluorescent and HID lamps. For more information on Advance's complete product line, visit Advance's web site at www.advancetransformer.com or call Advance at (847) 390-5000.
Advance is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

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