Dimmable Under Cabinet Lights from Elemental LED Now Available in Sleek Wooden Finishes

The Dimmable LED Puck Light with Cree LED Chips now comes in Light Wood and Dark Wood

San Francisco, CA - Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, recently released light wood and dark wood finish options on its popular dimmable LED puck light. The under cabinet lighting fixture is now available in 5 finish options: brushed aluminum, copper, black, light wood and dark wood.

Elemental LED released the Dimmable LED Puck Light one and a half years ago in just the brushed aluminum finish. Since then the company has made waves with the under cabinet LED fixture's design and performance. The dimmable puck was designed by Elemental LED engineers to fill the need for a high-end, smoothly dimming LED under cabinet fixture. The key is the fixture's use of pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, which eliminates flickering and squealing, and offers 0-100% smooth dimming.

Each puck light contains 3 Cree LED chips, which are known industry-wide for their superior quality and brightness. The chips are contained in a sturdy aluminum housing. The minimalist design of the LED under cabinet fixture fits in well with contemporary kitchen designs. The puck lights are designed to be just as easily mounted or recessed. The expansion of light wood, dark wood, black and copper finish options means that the dimmable LED puck light blends in with even more color schemes.

"The dimmable LED puck light is meant to seamlessly integrate into interior designs and color palettes. We want our customers to be as impressed by its looks as they are by its performance, and we certainly don't think the puck's use is limited to just kitchens," says Elemental LED Marketing Manager Charlotte Dick.

The Elemental LED website features the LED puck lights in numerous applications other than kitchens. These include lighting contemporary workstations, low-level theatre lighting, display and bookshelf lighting, interior RV lighting, integration into innovative table lamps, and even lighting inside a dry sauna.

In addition to its sleek, contemporary style and high performance, the dimmable LED puck light also boasts major energy-saving features. The inclusion of LED chips means that the fixture uses only 10% of the energy of a traditional halogen or incandescent puck light, and means that the puck light stays relatively cool.

To learn more about the Dimmable LED Puck Light in 5 finish options from Elemental LED, please visit www.elementalled.com.

About Elemental LED:
Elemental LED is where style and affordability meet sustainable lighting. Elemental LED offers a wide selection of LED lighting products for home and business owners, including LED strip lights, light bars, puck lights, wall washers, light bulbs, controllers, power supplies and more. Products include color-changing, dimming and waterproof functionality. Elemental LED offers in house engineering and comprehensive customer service and education, from live phone support to online tutorials. LED lighting technology is the safest, hippest, and most energy efficient way to light up the world. Learn more at www.elementalled.com.


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