Diluter/Dispenser facilitates sample preparation process.

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Built around syringe-free, bi-directional, positive displacement pump, Cheminert M Series includes Model M10 with flow range of 10 nl to 10 ml and Model M50 with range of 50 µl to 50 ml. Wizard format eliminates math calculations and external charts. Users enter dilution ratio and final volume, and correct volume is calculated and automatically dispensed. Multiposition stream selection valve can be integrated with pump for multi-solvent applications.

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Cheminert® M Series Diluter/Dispenser

o Simple dispensing of reagents manually
o Micro dispensing in micro-plates and genomic arrays
o Dilutions for AA, ICP, GC, and HPLC samples
o Serial dilutions for all samples
o Multi-sample and reagent additions, micro-plates, tube-to-plate, tube-to-tube
o Small and large volume dispensing of reagents
o Titrations

VICI Valco's Cheminert M Series Diluter/Dispensers simplify the sample preparation process for dispensing and diluting liquids. The user-friendly Wizard format eliminates all the math calculations and external charts associated with diluting and dispensing applications. Just enter the dilution ratio and the final volume, and the correct volume is calculated and automatically dispensed. For multiple dispenses, simply enter the volume and number of dispense repetitions, and the Wizard calculates the total volume to be aspirated. It's that easy!

Two models are offered - the M10 with a flow range of 10 nl to 10 ml, and the M50 with a range of 50 µl to 50 ml.

The diluter/dispenser is built around a patented syringe-free, bi-directional, positive displacement pump. This design approach gives the largest volume range available, and eliminates the inconvenience of having to change and refill syringes. A multiposition stream selection valve can be easily integrated with the pump for multi-solvent applications.

For more information: Valco Instruments Co., Inc., Houston, Texas; Phone: (800) 367-8424; Fax: (713) 688-3948; Web: vici.com; e-mail: valco@vici.com

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