Digonex and OpenBook Bring Dynamic Pricing to Hospitality Industry at the Perfect Time

Partnership Gives Hotel Operators and Travelers More Control Over Prices

INDIANAPOLIS - Savvy travelers are consistently looking online to secure good deals on a hotel room. This leaves hotels with the challenge of providing consistent pricing that is attractive to secure the business, while also having a positive effect on their bottom line. Leading dynamic pricing developer, Digonex, announced today that they have partnered with OpenBook, by Yellowstone Hotel Systems, Inc., to accomplish this goal for the hospitality marketplace.

OpenBook, a top rated hospitality reservation management systems provider and elite marketing company, has created a complete end-to-end solution enabling effective and efficient management of pricing, occupancy and sleek ancillary products for hoteliers. This exclusive arrangement with Digonex now gives property owners and operators the first truly automated system that controls and adjusts inventory and rates in the OpenBook software in order to maximize higher occupancy and revenues.

OpenBook and Digonex see this joint-venture as a hospitality industry 'GAME CHANGER.'

"With nearly 5 million rooms available just in the US, property owners and operators are constantly searching for more effective ways to maximize yield," said Zack Paul, CEO of OpenBook. "OpenBook implements tools and business strategies that drive reservations. Combined with the Digonex solution which provides greater pricing flexibility to drive occupancy to the highest level achievable for the property, it's a huge win-win for both the consumer and property."

Digonex's cutting-edge dynamic pricing system takes into account many consumer aspects such as competition, consumer purchasing behavior and property sales history and analyzes it, then automatically sets prices where consumer demand and market potential meet. By continuously identifying the point where prices follow perceived market value and generating the maximum economic return, this system gives hotels more power to regulate their inventory and revenue, while eliminating or dramatically reducing the growing expense of revenue management.

"More and more businesses are viewing dynamic pricing as a competitive, intelligent, and strategic opportunity to transform their business in a challenged economy," said Jan Eglen, Ph.D., CEO of Digonex. "While making more money is good, creating long-term customer satisfaction is better."

"We're certain that focusing on better pricing can help hotels not only gain guests but repeat guests. Digonex is pleased to be partnering with OpenBook to develop a great hospitality property management system showing the range of our technical teams and products," said Eglen.

About Digonex

Digonex focuses primarily on development of automated and optimized pricing platforms for e-commerce, allowing client companies to increase customer retention and maximize revenue. Digonex has been awarded five patents for their innovative pricing systems. For more information, visit Digonex.com.

About OpenBook

OpenBook by Yellowstone Hotel Systems, Inc specializes in revenue enhancements through integrated business solutions for the hospitality industry. The company's business model offers a complete arrangement of products and services to increase yield through each component of the reservation process. Additionally, Open Book provides expertise in reservation management systems for platform and internet based cloud computing, channel management, GDS connectivity, website design, online marketing and reservation assistance. For more information, please visit OpenBook.net.

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CONTACT: Chris Pohl for Digonex, +1-317-638-4150 Ext. 222, chrisp@digonex.com; Kara Robinson for OpenBook, +1-208-624-0374 Ext. 301, kara.robinson@OpenBook.net

Web Site: www.digonex.com

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