Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver is available in PXIe format.

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Running up to 3.2 GSPS with up to 2 GHz instantaneous analog bandwidth, 12-bit M9203A allows microwave measurements as component of Keysight solution. Adaptable solution, in addition to integrating core signal-analysis capabilities, features FPGA capable of implementing different functionalities depending on selected firmware option. Custom functions may also be implemented on-board in order to support various application bundles.

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Keysight Technologies Announces a Low-Noise 12-Bit PXIe Wideband Digital Receiver

New Modular Solution Component Now Available in PXIe Format


• New PXIe,12-bit, wideband digital receiver running up to 3.2 GS/s

• Suitable as integrated component of Keysight modular solutions

• For applications requiring wideband signal capture and very high dynamic range

SANTA ROSA – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today introduced the M9203A PXIe 12-bit High-Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver running up to 3.2 GS/s, with up to 2 GHz instantaneous analog bandwidth. This high-speed digitizer is ideal for applications in wireless communication, emerging communication standards, radar and satellite communication and semiconductor automated test.

As a component of a Keysight solution, this wideband digital receiver allows microwave measurements. These modular solutions are highly adaptable and integrate core signal-analysis capabilities with hardware speed and accuracy, allowing engineers to tailor the systems to fit their specific needs.

“The M9203A PXIe 12-bit wideband digital receiver is ideal when embedded in a larger system or as a component of a Keysight Reference Solution,” said Jean-Luc Lehmann, high-speed digitizers product manager, Keysight’s Communications Solutions Group. “Its performance allows wideband signal capture and its scalability enables system expansion.”

The M9203A features a large FPGA that can implement different functionalities depending on the selected firmware option, such as:

• Custom firmware capability (-FDK) supporting the deployment of custom processing algorithm with the U5340A FPGA development kit. Integrating algorithms minimizes the need for additional circuitry and exploit the full density and speed of the digitizer.

• Triggered simultaneous acquisition and readout (-TSR), allowing sustained triggered acquisitions of thousands of samples at hundreds of kHz rates without missing any events.

&bull Wideband real-time digital down-conversion (-DDC) on each channels, enabling the user to tune and zoom on the signals of interest. The filters and local oscillators (LO) are fully synchronized allowing phase-coherent post processing.

Custom functions can also be implemented on-board, providing support of various application bundles, such as:

• Digital down-conversion streaming and recording (-CB2), allowing users to capture and record a long duration of large frequency bands up to 320 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) on a single channel, or up to 200 MHz IBW on two phase coherent channels.

• Digitizer streaming and recording (-CB0), enabling to record the raw acquisition data.

• High fidelity digitizer (-BB1), providing enhanced performance by compensating the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and the front-end distortion, minimizing the interleaves spurs and reducing the overall noise bandwidth.

Additional information is available at www.keysight.com/find/M9203A. High-resolution images are available at www.keysight.com/find/M9203A_PXIe_Digitizer_images.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

The M9203A PXIe 12-bit high-speed digitizer/wideband digital receiver, running up to 3.2 GS/s, is pricing starts at $19,110 and is orderable now.

About Keysight High-Speed Digitizers

Keysight’s high-speed digitizers are the result of more than 300 years of cumulative research and development experience in analog-to-digital conversion technology. This ensures the ability to achieve the most effective and reliable analog-to-digital conversion at high-resolution and fast sampling rates. Information on the technology and its applications is available at www.keysight.com/find/high-speed-digitizers.

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Keysight provides unrivaled PXI and AXIe performance built on the industry’s most accurate measurement science. Keysight helps engineers get to first measurement faster with common measurement software and Keysight Reference Solutions. Keysight has the industry’s largest global network of experienced application engineers and metrology-grade calibration centers. Additional information about Keysight's PXI and AXIe modular test and measurement solutions is available at www.keysight.com/find/modular.

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Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) is a global electronic measurement technology and market leader helping to transform its customers’ measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. Keysight’s electronic measurement instruments, systems, software and services are used in the design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment and operation of electronic equipment. The business had revenues of $2.9 billion in fiscal year 2015. Information about Keysight is available at www.keysight.com.

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