Digitizer captures signals on 2 synchronous channels.

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Suited for PCI platform, CompuScope 14200 operates at 200 MS/sec with 14-bit resolution. Front-end of card is software-controlled, providing 2 input channels via BNC connectors. Clock and Trigger input and output signals, via SMA connectors, enable product to be integrated into test system. Product features ±0.5% accuracy and flat bandwidth of 100 MHz. It comes with 32 MS memory and features time-stamping, digital inputs, and gated captures.

Original Press Release:

Precision Signal Capture at 200 MS/s on 2 Synchronous Channels

Montreal, Canada (March 30, 2004) - Gage Applied Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of a new digitizer for the PCI platform. Operating at 200 MegaSamples per second (5 ns sampling intervals) with a resolution of 14 bits, the CompuScope 14200 is a general-purpose digitizer aimed at satisfying precision signal capture requirements in various fields of scientific and commercial research, development, as well as manufacturing test applications.

"This brand-new product is the culmination of multiple projects coming together after an intensive year of investment in both hardware and software development," stated Bill Boston, CEO of Gage and its sister company, KineticSystems Company (of Lockport, Illinois). "When we bought Gage from Tektronix last fall, a substantial amount of work was already underway towards this breakthrough. We just encouraged the team to continue and we re-focused some of the activities to get to today's release. We are very proud of this new product and the technologies we developed to bring it to market. The coming weeks and months will be very exciting and you can expect more news from Gage," concluded Boston.

The front-end of the card is fully software-controlled, providing two input channels via BNC connectors with a wide range of coupling, impedances, and input ranges. A full assortment of Clock and Trigger input and output signals, via SMA connectors, make the CompuScope 14200 extremely easy to integrate into a test system. The 14 bits of nominal resolution is backed up by a ± 0.5% accuracy and a very flat bandwidth of 100 MHz (through 50 Ohms impedance). For under-sampling applications, a special mode with 200 MHz bandwidth can also be tapped via software commands. The card comes standard with 32 MegaSamples of memory making 16 MegaSamples available to each of the two channels. The CS14200 can also be equipped with up to 1 GigaSample of total on-board memory and can use 32-bit, 66 MHz PCI standards to transfer data at 200 MB/s. Time-stamping, digital inputs and gated captures are only some of the features that round-up the characteristics of this top performance signal capture card.

Completely programming-free operation of the CompuScope 14200 is possible with the world-renowned GageScope® oscilloscope software, allowing the user to easily setup the digitizer and acquire, view, archive and analyze signals. Gage also offers Application Development Kits (ADKs) for C/C++, MATLAB®, and of course the very popular LabVIEW® environment, with support for Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Availability and Pricing

The CompuScope 14200 is available immediately with a projected lead-time of 8 weeks ARO for small quantity orders. List price for the CompuScope 14200 starts at US$6,495 for the base model (16 MegaSamples per channel, 32 MegaSamples total on-board). The CompuScope 14200 - Deep (128 MegaSamples total memory) and the CompuScope 14200 - Extreme (1 GigaSamples total memory) are priced at US$10,495 and US$15,495 respectively. Volume-based discounts are available to qualified OEMs.

For Further Information

For further information, contact Eric Gillas, General Manager, at 1(514)633-7007, extension 3040, or via e-mail at eric.gillas@gage-applied.com.

About Gage Applied Technologies, Inc.

Gage Applied Technologies, Inc., a member of the KineticSystems group of companies, is a worldwide industry leader in high-performance signal capture. Gage, KineticSystems, Preston Scientific and Cyber Systems, all members of the KineticSystems growing family, serve a wide-range of industries by providing instruments and modules for PC-based test and measurement systems and synthetic instrumentation built on the PCI, PXI, VXI, CAMAC and proprietary platforms.

Gage's product offering includes a family of multi-MHz digitizers and scope cards, analog signal generator cards, digital input and digital output cards, as well as the programming-free GageScope® oscilloscope software and a vast array of powerful application development kits.

Gage's family of signal capture products consists of the CompuScope line of 8-bit, 12-bit, 14-bit and 16-bit digitizers and scope cards for the PCI and CompactPCI/PXI buses. With sampling rates up to 5 GS/s and very deep on-board acquisition memory of up to 2 GigaBytes, Gage's product line offers the top performance on the market in the 3 key dimensions of sampling speed, resolution, and memory.

The company's customer focus translates into products that are used across diverse industries such as Communications, Computers, Aerospace, Fundamental Research, and Education. Applications served are Manufacturing Test, Radar (SIGINT), Ultrasonics, Lasers/LIDAR, Spectroscopy, and Automated Test Equipment.

Gage is located minutes away from Montreal's international airport in the suburb of Lachine, Quebec, Canada. Through the KineticSystems group of companies Gage benefits from a state-of-the-art board assembly facility, located in Lockport (Illinois), that enables the delivery of top quality products with a very fast turnaround.

For more information on Gage Applied Technologies, Inc. or any of its products, contact the company at 2000, 32nd Avenue, Lachine, QC, H8T 3H7, Canada.

Telephone 1-800-567-GAGE MATLAB is a registered trademark of Mathworks Corporation. LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Fax 1-800-780-8411

Visit our Web sites at: www.gage-applied.com and www.kscorp.com

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