Digital Video Coax Cable features flexible construction.

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Able to handle analog and digital signal transmissions, Brilliance 1694F RG-6/U Type cable is designed for patching applications. Its CM rating allows for routing through building walls and conduit, while double tinned copper braid shield construction offers 100 dB shield isolation. Construction includes abrasion-resistant PVC jacket, flexible 19 AWG bare copper (compacted) stranded center conductor, and gas injected foam polyethylene insulation.

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Belden Brilliance RG-6/U Type Precision Digital Video Coax Cables Offer Maximum Flexibility, Low Loss Serial Digital Performance

RICHMOND, IN - Belden CDT Electronics Division, a world leader in the development of specialty cable products for the broadcast A/V, entertainment and other markets, has introduced a new addition to its Brilliance line of professional video cables. Belden Brilliance RG-6/U Type Precision Video coaxial cable -1694F - is a super-flexible version of Belden's highly popular 1694A Precision Video coax. Both cables use the same connectors, eliminating the need for additional tooling and connectors and providing installers and end users exceptional cost- and labor-savings. Belden 1694A has set the industry standard for RG-6/U Type Precision Video coax.

Like 1694A, the new 1694F RG-6/U Type Low Loss Serial Digital coaxial cable delivers top quality signal transmissions (analog and digital). While designed for patching applications, 1694F has a CM rating, so that with its extreme flexibility, it may be easily routed through building walls and conduit - in studio settings and other fixed installations. The cables exceptional physical and electrical characteristics also make them the ideal choice for use in patch bays, mobile studio trucks, and remote outdoor field locations. In these demanding venues, on-the-move crews are repeatedly pulling, bending and flexing the cables, which put conventional cables at risk for developing discontinuities that degrade cable performance or even cause breakage.

These qualities of exceptional flexibility and superior electrical properties, along with the addition of an abrasion-resistance PVC jacket, help to ensure Belden 1694F cables' high reliability and robust performance over a long service life. And today, with digital audio signals increasingly being run through coax in accordance with the Audio Engineering Society's standard AES-3id, Belden 1694F coax is an excellent choice for demanding audio applications in which optimum flexibility and flex life are required.

Belden Brilliance 1694F cable offers best-in-class quality design and construction. The cable has a flexible 19 AWG bare copper (compacted) stranded center conductor. Gas injected foam polyethylene insulation provides advanced impedance stability, crush resistance, conductor adhesion, and Return Loss characteristics. A double tinned copper braid shield construction provides superior flex properties when compared to a foil/braid shield design, while offering 100 dB of shield isolation. The rugged, abrasion-resistant PVC jacket adds further flexibility and protection. All cable is 100% sweep tested (each and every shipping spool) for return loss to 3GHz.

For more information about Belden Brilliance 1694F RG-6/U Type Precision Video coaxial cables, contact Belden CDT Electronics Division, P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana 47375, or call 1-800-BELDEN-1 to request New Product Bulletin NP233. FAX: 765-983-5294. Or visit the Web site:

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Belden CDT Electronics Division, a unit of Belden CDT Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of cable products for the entertainment, residential, industrial and security markets. It also provides highly engineered products for both the aerospace and automotive markets. Belden CDT Electronics Division is headquartered in Richmond, Indiana, it has manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe and distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands. A majority of Belden's manufacturing, engineering and support functions are registered to the International Organization for Standardization.

Belden CDT Inc., formed in July 2004 through the merger of Belden Inc. and Cable Design Technologies Corp., is one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high-speed electronic cables and focuses on products for the specialty electronics and data networking markets, including connectivity.

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