Digital Video Analyzer employs multi-camera configuration.

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CAM Workstation CM magnifies power of video for condition monitoring. It integrates into process, utilizing existing PLCs, alarms and controls. During course of production, system logs events for analysis and reviewing. Cameras at various stations allow replay and recreation of total process. While work proceeds, system logs trends and adds them to statistical database. Using this formatted information, engineers can team-solve production delays and downtime.

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New System Heightens Video as Analysis Tool for Condition Monitoring

(Oconomowoc, WI) For years, video has served industry well in recording equipment and process performance. An advanced concept in video management recently introduced from Vision Controls Corp. significantly enhances the use of this medium for more
accurate and efficient problem diagnosis for optimal processing and quality control.

The limitations of current video technology as a sequential record become obvious when considering the need for timely and accurate analysis. Search time through hours or even days of video blunts the usefulness of footage meant to uncover patterns or link together episodes.

Enter the Vision Controls CAM Workstation CM. This technology promises to be one of the leading digital video analysis products available to the industry, offering concepts in digital video that provide users with quality images, rapidly referenced. The system employs a multi-camera configuration for problem diagnosis.

The Cam Workstation CM magnifies the power of video for highly useful condition monitoring. This workstation easily integrates into the process, utilizing existing PLC s, alarms and controls right on the plant floor combined with video cameras trained on the scene.

During the course of production or processing, the CM system logs events for analysis and reviewing. Multi-camera configurations at various stations of the process allow the
replay and recreation of the total process. While the work proceeds, the system logs trends and adds them to a statistical database.

Using this formatted information, engineers can team-solve production delays and downtime, either on-site or through dispersed locations via network communications. These teams can correlate data to the perceptive analysis that comes from viewing
replays of events in their totality or by referencing selected footage.

The system achieves greater efficiencies and results for the engineering function, which are often difficult to achieve.

Video process documentation also provides critical evidence in resolving product liability investigations.

Vision Controls Inc. provides intelligent digital video products, enabling the transformation of Audio/Visual Technology into Information Technology to companies, world-wide.

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