Digital Valve Positioner supports HART® communications.

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Through HART® protocol, SP500 HART® Electro-pneumatic Positioner can be configured and process parameters can be updated or modified remotely using PC or handheld device. Unit is available with 4-20 mA retransmission, software switches, and ability to be powered by external 24 Vdc power supply. Non-contact valve position feedback system facilitates installation while optimizing reliability over traditional mechanical methods.

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Spirax Sarco Introduces the SP500 Positioner with HART® Communications

Blythewood, SC - Spirax Sarco is pleased to announce the release of the SP500 HART® electro-pneumatic digital positioner supporting HART® communication protocol. The HART® protocol comprises of a digital data transfer and communication over existing 4-20mA wiring, requiring no additional power supply or wiring to the positioner.

Through the HART® protocol, the positioner can be configured and process parameters updated or modified remotely using a PC or handheld device. Embracing full flexibility and customization options, the positioner permits continuous condition monitoring, leveraging higher processing power to integrate the SP500 HART® and information about its adjacent control valve into data logging applications and advanced control strategies. The SP500 HART® can be simply integrated into a WirelessHART® by retrofitting the SP500 HART with a WirelessHART® adapter.

As a simple to use, feature rich product, the SP500 HART® is also available with 4-20mA retransmission, software switches and the ability to be powered by an external 24V DC power supply. The SP500 HART® builds from its current SP400 and SP500 product range of removing installation, commissioning and user experience complexities to minimize any plant downtime and enable the full body of features to be utilized with ease. The non-contact valve position feedback system simplifies installation while improving reliability over traditional mechanical methods.

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