Digital Transducers transmit data over RS485 buss.

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Series 5100 connects directly to single and 3-phase electrical systems up to 25 Aac and 300 Vac. Parameters are measured with 4th order Delta Sigma A/D converter and communicate 16-bit resolution data at rates up to 19.7 Kbits. Up to 64 transducers can be addressable on single buss with 256 addresses available. Transducers can monitor bi-directional active and reactive power and energy. Heartbeat and communication LEDs monitor communication activity.

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Electrical Properties Transducer Communicates Over RS485 BUSS

CR Magnetics, Inc. has introduced a new Series 5100 Electrical Properties Digital Transducers. The units connect directly to single and three phase electrical systems up to 25 Aac and 300 Vac and transmit data over a RS485 buss. Parameters are measured with a 4th order Delta Sigma A/D converter and communicate 16 bit resolution data at rates up to 19.7K bits. Up to 64 transducers can be separately addressable on a single buss with 256 different addresses available.

Electrical parameters such as true RMS current, true RMS voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor and frequency are measured and instantly readable over the
communication buss. A major feature of the transducer is the ability to monitor bi-directional active and reactive, power and energy.

A RS485 to RS232 converter is available for easy programming and use from any serial port on a PLC, PC or data acquisition unit. Available is a PC based software package that allows easy setup, and troubleshooting. The software features a real-time graph to monitor all of the measured parameters.

Units feature heartbeat and communication LEDs on the top of the transducer to monitor the communication activity. The transducer measures 3.0" high by 3.27" wide by 1.42" deep and can be surface mounted or installed on a 35 mm din rail.

Additional information regarding the new CR Magnetics Digital Transducers may be obtained by contacting:
Mr. Dave Forsythe. National Sales Manager
CR Magnetics, Inc.
544 Axminister Drive
Fenton, MO 63026 USA
PH: (636) 343-8518 FAX: (636) 343-5119

Booth 5151 at the 2004 Industrial Automation Show

Upon introducing the new CR Magnetics CR5100 Series, James Bubash, President of CR Magnetics, Inc., stated: "This new series of Digital Transducers has just scratched the surface of the multitude of applications possible. We are counting on the use of our web site,, to help the design engineers and plant maintenance engineers with quick access to extensive technical information and specific application data."

CR Magnetics, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of electrical monitoring products including transducers, relays, current transformers and current indicators, creating Sensor Solutions(TM) for Industry in the United States and
throughout the world.

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