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Digital Transducer provides smart distribution monitoring.

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Digital Transducer provides smart distribution monitoring.

Sep 29, 2010 - With SEL-734T, system operators can assess state of entire distribution system in real-time, isolate disturbances, and switch on power condition equipment by issuing remote commands. Instantaneous disturbance reporting helps minimize response times and prevent future disturbances. Providing seamless communications integration with optional Ethernet port and DNP3 communications protocol, transducer is available with fully sealed, NEMA-rated enclosure.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory - Pullman, WA

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SEL Digital Transducer Provides Real-Time View of Entire Distribution System

Press release date: Sep 01, 2010

PULLMAN, WA - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) today announced the release the SEL-734T Advanced Digital Transducer. Optimized for smart distribution monitoring and automation, the SEL-734T monitors feeders, transformers, and distributed generation assets.

The SEL-734T's monitoring, recording, and reporting capabilities enable control of power system assets for improved power quality and reliability, while instantaneous disturbance reporting features decrease response times of operations departments and prevent future disturbances. With the SEL-734T, system operators can now assess the state of the entire distribution system in real time, isolate disturbances, and switch on power condition equipment, such as capacitor banks, by issuing remote commands to the SEL-734T.

The SEL-734T provides seamless communications integration with an optional Ethernet port and DNP3 communications protocol. Combined with standard SELOGICĀ® programming and optional I/O, the SEL-734T can monitor and control distributed assets such as capacitor banks and transfer switches. Adding an SEL-2401 Satellite-Synchronized Clock enables synchrophasor measurement, which gives system operators an instantaneous picture of the power system and correlates system-wide events.

The SEL-734T's optional lightweight enclosure houses accessories that include a network radio, power supply, and battery. Fully sealed, the enclosure complies with NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 12, and 13; IEC 529; and IP66 protection requirements. Standard connectors enable a true plug-and-play system necessary for distribution automation and smart grid projects.

The SEL-734T is available now for only $1,144. For more information on features, benefits, and applications, visit

For additional information on the SEL-734T Advanced Digital Transducer, please contact your local SEL sales representative or visit SEL serves the power industry worldwide through the design, manufacture, supply, and support of products and services for power system protection, monitoring, control, automation, and metering. SEL offers unmatched local technical support, a worldwide, ten-year product warranty, and a commitment to making electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical.