Digital Thermometers come with tilt stand and magnetic mount.

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Available in HH911T (single input) and HH912T (dual channel inputs) series models, Digital Thermometers are configurable for Type K, J, T or E thermocouple probes. Featuring -250 to 1372°C temperature measurement range, thermometers are operated with 3 AA batteries which provide 2000-hr battery life. Product offers MIN, MAX, AVG, RNG and STDEV information for analyzing manufacturing processes.

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OMEGA Announces the Next Generation Handheld Thermometers

OMEGA announces the next generation of Precision Digital Thermometers, the HH911T/HH912T Series. They are user configurable for Type K, J, T or E thermocouple probes to provide a wide range of temperature measurements from -250 to 1372°C (-418 to 2502°F). The HH911T (single input) and the HH912T (dual channel inputs with T1-T2 readings) provide dependable and uninterrupted portable measurement capability without expensive batteries, AC adaptors, or chargers. This series uses ultra-low power electronics, which provide a 2000-hour battery life using 3 AA batteries that are included.

The creative ergonomic design of these instruments makes them easy-to-read, hold, and clean. Designed for one-handed operation, these tools are comfortable to carry and use for extended periods of time, yet rugged enough for a toolbox. They also come standard with a tilt stand and a magnetic mount for convenient hands-free operation.

Real-time statistical data increases user productivity, process efficiency, and product quality. Displayed on-demand, the MIN, MAX, AVG, RNG and STDEV (standard deviation) provide critical process information and diagnostics that allow the user to analyze manufacturing processes on the fly and make immediate adjustments for maximum efficiency and quality. The temperature difference between Channel 1 and Channel 2 are also determined and displayed on-demand. OMEGA backs these durable instruments with a standard 3-year warranty and a 2-year calibration guarantee to ensure that this instrument is ready-to-use when you need it. Each unit is supplied with a NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate (no points).

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