Digital Tachometer measures by contact and non-contact.

Press Release Summary:

Model PLT-5000 pocket tachometer measures up to 100,000 rpm. For non-contact sensing, it uses laser to measure rpm at distances up to 5 ft from target. For contact sensing, it uses adapter for measurements on shafts or journals up to 10,000 rpm. Instrument also measures length in m, ft, yards and in., and speed in m/min, fpm, yards/min, and ipm. Up to 14 readings are stored in memory, including last, max, min, average, and 10 user-selectable variables.

Original Press Release:

Digital Pocket Laser Tachometer For Contact/Non-Contact Measuring With Laser Accuracy-Read Up To 5 Feet From Target

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc. is pleased to offer the Model PLT-5000 pocket laser tachometer designed for both contact and non-contact measurements. The laser beam feature provides targeted accurate aiming designed to measure RPM from distance up to 60" (inches) from the target. Non-contact measurements can be read up to 100,000 RPM. On contact measurements with the special contact adapter, it is recommended that measurements should be used on shafts or journals rotating only up to 10,000 RPM. In excess of 10,000 RPM suggest the use of the non-contact photo adapter which can be used up to 100,000 RPM.

This model provides up to 14 memories and also allows single button measurement.

Units such as RPM, linear measurements in meters per minute, feet per minute, as well as yards or inches per minute. Instrument also measures in total length in meters, feet, yards and inches.


5 digit 0.47" (12mm) height LCD

Rotation Speed:
Non-contact/Contact 6.0-99,000 RPM

Surface Speed 6" Wheel:
(m/min) 1.0-3.09.8,
(yards/min) 1.0-4,166.4
(inch/min) 36-99,999
(feet/min) 3.0-12,499

Length-(Using 6"Wheel):
(M) 0.2-99,999-
(yards) 0.2-99,999-
(feet) 0.5-99,999-

Total RPM:

Accuracy Revolution:
6.0-599.9 rpm ±1 rpm, 600-99,999 rpm: 0.006% & ±0.5 digit

Surface Speed, Length:
0.4% and ±1 digit

Memory Function:
14 Reading are stored in memory and retained for five minutes (last, max, min, average, and 10 selectable measurements.)

Update Time: One Second

Detection: Laser Diode

Auto Power Off: 5 Minutes

Batteries Included: 3 "AA" 1.5V

Low Battery Indicator: Flashing "LO BAT" in display

Over Range Indicator: Flashing "OVR" display

Operating Temp: 32-110°F 90-45)

Case Construction: ABS Resin

Dimensions: 4.55"L x 2.52"W x 1.24"H (115.5mm x 64mm x 3.15mm) Length with contact adaptor: 149mm

Weight: With batteries: 1/3 lb (160g)

Accessories: Storage case, cone adaptor, funnel adaptor, master wheel (6") contact adaptor, 25 reflective tapes, NIST Certificate, Instructions

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